144% Increase in Website Enquiries for Eye Company, LaserVision

Guildford, Surrey
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LaserVision offers unrivalled hospital-based treatment and are industry leading experts. With accessibility to state of the art technology and an expert team, LaserVision holds a strong reputation in the range of services they offer, from complex vision correction treatments to aiding specific conditions surrounding refractive errors, corneal conditions and cataracts.

The team at LaserVision wanted a website that better reflected their personalised consultant-led approach to vision correction. As a long-standing marketing client, we had already seen the growth of the company and understood the direction the team wanted to take the business in.

The Strategy.

Armed with a wealth of experience from working with the brand and years of analytical data and customer feedback, our marketing and UX team got to work understanding the needs of the patients and devised the most simple and logical user journey through the website. With this key aspect defined, our design team translated this into a modern, clean and sleek design to reflect the level of service the company provides.

With the clear goals of the redesign to increase online enquiries and ensure an optimal experience for all users and device types, we saw the obvious need to balance a high-level of design with the accessibility requirements for individuals with vision impairment.

To further promote the hospital-based and consultant-led approach, we undertook several photoshoot sessions with the team to ensure that at all points of the journey, users would be seeing the consultants and locations to instil confidence and trust with the brand.

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The Result.

With the new website, the brand is clear, whilst promoting a logical user journey for all users, on all devices. Through our ongoing inbound marketing activities for the company, we have seen significant improvements in many areas.

Since launch, the website has seen a 95% increase in overall website traffic as well as a 144% increase in enquiries.



Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Enquiries


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