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LoftZone is an innovative creator and manufacturer of a raised loft boarding system called the StoreFloor, with hundreds of certified installers nationwide.

After working with LoftZone installer, Instaloft, for several years, we were approached by LoftZone themselves in 2019 to create a new website and a complete inbound marketing strategy.

In this case study, we’ve detailed the marketing arm of their project with us, including the focus of the strategy, the channels used, and the results we generated for them.

Search Engine Optimisation

LoftZone's SEO Strategy

Over the years of working with LoftZone, we have devised and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy covering almost every aspect of Technical SEO and on-site optimisation.

Once we had created their new website with a search engine-friendly structure and user-focused design, we began a meticulous Technical SEO project to ensure the website was fully optimised and delivered excellent performance.

The Technical SEO side of the project has involved:

  • Optimising page speeds across desktop and mobile devices
  • Generating XML sitemaps for core pages and products
  • Creating SEO-friendly URL structures and hierarchy
  • Implementing schema markup across the website
  • Monitoring GSC and fixing any indexing issues or 404 errors
  • Ensuring consistent, high performance for Core Web vitals
  • Regular technical audits and strategy reviews

And a load more.

The project also involved a lot of keyword research and implementation, a strong content strategy, on-page optimisations, and landing page creation to ensure that LoftZone ranked highly for high-volume industry keywords in various locations across the UK.

As a result of our consistent work on LoftZone SEO since 2019, they receive over 7,000 monthly organic site visitors on average.

Two SEO specialists doing keyword research and tracking on a laptop.
A PPC Manager and PPC Executive going through ad accounts on a laptop.

Google Ads Management

LoftZone's PPC Strategy

Like their SEO, we’ve managed LoftZone’s paid advertising strategy, spanning paid search and social channels, since 2019.

Over the years, the strategy has evolved in numerous ways as LoftZone continued to see significant growth due to changes in the market and business world; however, the core of the PPC strategy has stayed relatively the same.

With an established and effective account structure that generates impressive results for LoftZone, our PPC team follows a monthly maintenance and optimisation strategy to maintain their campaigns’ outstanding results.

Here’s a list of some of the main tasks that this maintenance strategy involves:

  • Routinely reviewing targeted search terms
  • Reviewing and implementing negative keywords
  • Identifying & implementing new keyword opportunities
  • Ad copy and extension optimisation
  • Bidding strategy optimisation
  • Landing page reviews & A/B testing
  • Competitor research
  • Setting up new campaigns
  • Tweaking budget allocation to maintain high ROAS

The Result.

Over the many years we’ve been working with LoftZone, we have helped them generate over seven figures in revenue from their PPC campaigns alone.

Couple that with the work our SEO team has done to create a consistent, high flow of organic traffic through their website, and it’s clear that we have been and continue to be a driving force for LoftZone’s online presence and marketing success.

2023 has been LoftZone’s best year to date for ad revenue, and in March 2023, we helped them achieve a record ROAS of 530%. We’re currently exploring a new website design and development project with LoftZone to take their marketing and user experience to the next level.

Below are just a few stand-out statistics demonstrating the success of their SEO and PPC campaigns in just the last 30 days (September/October 2023).


Organics Users


Avg. Engagement Rate for Organic Users


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

LoftZone has grown so much that it has been imperative to work with an agency who understands our business goals and can help drive our vision. We have worked with Damteq for a number of years, and they very much feel like an extension of our team.

Sara Rigby

Marketing Manager, LoftZone UK

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