Website Design in Fareham, Hampshire & London from just £1500

Since 2006 We’ve Created Over 500 Websites That Have Helped Grow Businesses All Over the UK.

Building from the very foundations, we use the latest in data insights, creative thinking & thought leadership to create bespoke websites that help your business grow.

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Designed for Every Device

Every website is designed with the customer in mind and made to look incredible across all leading devices and platforms.

Search Engine Friendly

We build SEO into every website we create, to give them the best chance of being found on major search engines, to help drive qualified traffic.

Incredibly Easy to Update

With powerful back-end controls developed with each WordPress website we build, it is extremely easy for you to update and maintain.

Lead Generating Websites

We use Lead Generation & Sales Enablement techniques to ensure both your website and content drives better engagement.

Inbound-Ready Responsive Web Design that Looks Stunning and Helps You Generate Better Quality Leads.

Inbound Ready Web Design

Your website is at the core of your marketing strategy, so it needs to be designed with inbound marketing in mind.

We build websites using existing data, rather than guesswork so that everything from your user journey to your final conversion point is designed around your audience and growing your business.

Web Design Agency Hampshire
Website Design Hampshire

Web Design for E-Commerce

Selling your products online has never been easier, so it’s important that you have an online store that fully represents your business.

We develop eCommerce websites that reflect your brand by cleverly thinking about the best user experience for your customers and streamlines the process to increase the sale of your products.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages offer many advantages over sending traffic directly to your homepage, the main one being that you are able to specifically target the page around a key message to drive leads and conversions.

We combine inbound marketing and landing pages to help you create cost-effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

Web Design Hampshire


  • How much does a website from Damteq cost?

    We develop inbound driven websites for businesses with redesign budgets of £1,500 or more. More technical or complex websites can range from between £5,000 and £50,000. All prices exclude VAT.

  • What factors influence the cost of a website?

    There are many variables that can increase the costs of developing a website but the three main factors are complexity of the website (number of pages, sitemap, UX designing), website content (who will create it or where it will come from) and technical requirements (plugins, functionality, e-commerce, etc.)

  • Will my website be search engine optimised?

    Yes, every website we build has all of the foundations for Search Engine Optimisation. These are designed to launch your website in a good position, however, an ongoing SEO strategy is highly recommended as part of your ongoing inbound marketing efforts.

  • Do you design affordable websites for startups?

    We have created affordable websites for many startups and smaller businesses. These websites are designed to get you online and give you a platform to develop your business. Our affordable websites don’t include the thought leadership and data-driven design of our inbound ready websites.

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Firstly schedule a call with one of our in-house Specialists.

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We’ll invite you for a 60 mins discovery workshop, where we will learn all about your project and get to know you.

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Once the planning is complete and the benchmarks are set, we’re ready to start your exciting project.