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TC Group is one of the top accountancy services in the UK, specialising in bespoke, high-quality accountancy and taxation solutions.

In recent years, TC Group has seen some impressive growth, entering the accountant’s Top 40 in the UK.

Wanting to continue this growth, they reach out to us PPC project targeting smaller accountancy firms across the UK with a focus on business mergers and acquisitions.

With dozens of offices across the UK, TC Group wanted us to create a Google Ads strategy to target smaller accountancy firms local to their existing offices.

Our focus was on building brand awareness with these potential acquisition targets and achieving and maintaining a top impression share of at least 90% across the UK.

We started by conducting an audit of their existing account structure and level of optimisation, setting clear targets for improvement and restructuring. We then identified a range of keyword and search term opportunities and began building location-specific campaigns and ad copy, and running A/B tests to ensure we were running the best possible ads.

As well as the creation and management of ad campaigns and accounts, we carried out other general optimisation tasks on a weekly and monthly basis, including:

  • Routinely reviewing targeted search terms
  • Reviewing and implementing negative keywords
  • Identifying & implementing new keyword opportunities
  • Ad copy and extension optimisation
  • Bidding strategy optimisation
  • Landing page reviews & A/B testing
  • Competitor research
  • Optimising budget allocation

A closeup of a business' financial balance sheet with a pen and calculator resting on top.

The Result.

With the drastic increase in brand awareness, visibility and audience reach achieved from these campaigns, we have opened the door to numerous M&A (merger and acquisition) opportunities and conversations for TC Group.

Over the last two years, we have continued to support TC Group’s growth through the launch of additional location-specific campaigns targeting new locations in which they have opened offices.

Here are a few performance statistics from their campaigns from January 2023 to January 2024:


Top Impression Share


Ad Impressions


Phone Call/Form Submission Leads

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