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Cezarblue is a 5-star licensed and vet-inspected breeder of health-tested dogs like Dachshunds, Dobermans, Labradors, and Beaucerons.

They’re passionate about running a responsible and healthy breeding programme for their dogs and placing their puppies in loving forever homes, giving their clientele genuine lifetime support.

They came to us towards the end of 2021, and we built them a brand-new website to showcase their puppies, explain their responsible practices, and support their marketing projects.

Technical SEO & On-site Optimisation

Cezarblue's SEO Project

After we launched Cezarblue’s SEO-ready website in early 2022, our SEO Specialists got to work, creating a technical optimisation strategy, a keyword strategy focused on the dog breeds Cezarblue specialise in, and working with their internal team on a content strategy that focused on helpful content for their prospects and customers, as well as reinforcing on-site keywords.

Today, our SEO team continue to monitor and optimise Cezarblue’s website, working with the client to ensure timely changes are made to the website and SEO strategy when needed.

Here are a few stats on Cezarblue’s organic traffic and website engagement between 1st July 2023 and 5th October 2023:

  • 2,400 organic users
  • 30 puppy applications from organic users alone
  • 91.5% website engagement rate (all traffic)
Closeup of a chocolate and tan dachshund puppy looking off to the right.
One of Damteq's PPC executives, Harvey Sangster, sat at a wooden table, working on a laptop.

PPC Strategy Management

Cezarblue's Google Ads Project

The PPC side of Cezarblue’s project with us is where things get really impressive (if we do say so ourselves).

Since Cezarblue came on board with us, our PPC Specialists have worked hard to create a tidy and efficient structure for Cezarblue’s account and campaigns, regularly reviewing performance and making tweaks to maximise ad performance and results.

Now, we’re at a stage where our team have to do minimal tweaking to the existing campaigns and overall account structure, aside from making budgetary changes based on upcoming litters and waiting list capacities when requested by the client.

Even with the campaigns running smoothly, our team still regularly review the campaign and ad performance to ensure it’s as optimised as possible and there are no anomalies or errors.


The Result.

Overall, since working with Cezarblue, we have created a new, fit-for-purpose website that serves as their main online hub that all of their traffic and inbound marketing leads are driven to.

Through our SEO and PPC management, we have helped Cezarblue create an efficient and smooth inbound marketing funnel that delivers exceptional results.

To demonstrate these results, here are a few performance statistics from their Google Ads campaigns between 1st July 2023 and 5th October 2023, and some comments from Cezarblue’s owners, Alex and Charlie.


leads generated via PPC campaigns.


in revenue from PPC leads that converted into sales.


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Highly recommend the entire team at Damteq. We invested in a new website with them a couple of years ago and continue to invest in their services today. They always add that personal touch and provide great results!

Alex & Charlie

Owners of Cezarblue Ltd

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