Fixing Over 26,000 Technical SEO Issues for Paydock

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Paydock is a payment orchestration platform for global enterprises focusing on reducing the substantial costs and effort involved in the merchant payment experience.

They came to us in 2021 as they suspected their website was suffering from a lot of technical issues that were negatively affecting their ranking positions and organic traffic.

The Strategy.

Our first step in the process was to carry out a full SEO audit and analyse their web analytics through Google Analytics and Search Console. This helped us identify technical issues across their website and understand the effect this was having on their search performance.

From the audit and analysis, we identified an expansive list of SEO issues ranging from simple things like missing metadata and improper heading tag usage to mass 404 errors and severe code bloat.

Presenting the list of issues to the client, we set out a plan of action to get these issues fixed in priority order, with our SEO Specialists, Developers, and Content Marketers working together to fix technical issues, site architecture and overall page and content optimisation.

A computer screen displaying Paydock's API system.

The Result.

We’ve been managing Paydock’s SEO strategy for the last two years with a focus on increasing month-on-month organic traffic, organic goal conversions, and keyword visibility.

We also run routine checks and audits to ensure site health is maintained and any issues are addressed quickly and effectively.

Below are a few statistics demonstrating what we’ve achieved for Paydock over the last two years of managing their SEO.


Technical Issues Identified & Fixed


Increase in Site Health


Increase in Organic Traffic

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