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Buttercup Publishing are a dynamic and prominent UK based publisher of children books, with the goal of gaining recognition as a leading book publisher in Europe. Their main business focus is launching hundreds of titles and selling tens of thousands of copies. They also attend a wide range of international publishing events as far as Germany, Italy & Mexico, on their way to becoming an internationally recognised publishing house.

Prior to contacting us, the potential of Buttercup was already sky high however, the business still needed a website that reflected the quality, high standards and the important role that they play at all stages of a child’s learning journey.

The Strategy.

The focus of the site is to showcase the vast collection of books published by Buttercup, allowing resellers and general consumers to browse the titles and have the option to buy from an affiliate site. It was also important that the site included an area for authors to upload their own designs and work to Buttercup that was easily accessible and manageable.

The look and feel of the site is directly influenced by the existing branding provided by Buttercup. Due to their already strong brand identity, this translated into the design of the site nicely, creating a consistent theme throughout, using design elements and imagery that reflects the playful nature of the brand.

Due to the vast number of books available, a custom template was required to ensure that Buttercup wouldn’t have trouble uploading and editing newly published books going onto the site going forward. To achieve this our developers created a simple to use system and provided the client with full training and support with uploading new books to the site.

Buttercup Case Study

The Result.

With a strong brand identity and a brand new, fully optimised, eye-catching website, Buttercup Publishing took a step in the right direction towards their goal of becoming a leading publisher of children’s books in Europe and growing their business. Check out the live site below.

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