eCommerce Web Design & UX Strategy for Cquip - a Leading Marine Equipment Supplier


Cquip is a leading supplier of marine equipment to globally recognised boat builders, marinas, chandlery shops and more.

After outgrowing their previous website, they needed something new and flexible that would allow them to showcase their wide product range and to take order directly through the website.

They tasked us with creating a large-scale eCommerce website that would be home to their range of almost 5,600 products.

The Strategy.

Here’s what Cquip’s website looked like before ➡️

As with all of our website projects, we started with in-depth research and auditing, analysing Cquip’s existing website and highlighting any features or content elements that work well and are worth incorporating into the new website.

We then conducted in-depth UX research and looked into the websites of well-established competitors in their industry to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

From this, we created the wireframe and sitemap for Cquip’s new website and began drawing up the initial homepage design concept.

After the client approved the homepage concept, we designed and built the rest of the site following the same structure and layout and began implementing the content that the client had supplied.

Due to the sheer size of the website, our eCommerce Web Developers worked closely with our SEO specialists when uploading products to the site to prevent or limit any optimisation issues, such as poor site speed, 404 errors, or product pages missing from the sitemap.

With final reviews and checks completed by our Web Designers, UX Specialists, and SEO team, the client signed off the website, and it finally went live in July 2022!

Cquip's previous website looked rather dated and needed didn't allow users to place direct orders through the website.

The Result.

By delivering a more modern and user-friendly website for Cquip to showcase and sell its products, they have seen a significant increase in website visitors orders and enquiries.

Our Web Support team continue to provide technical support to the client when needed and ensures the website and its plugins are kept secure and up-to-date.



Avg. Site Engagement Rate

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