The Emoji Language: How to use them to market your business

Marketing SEO Reading Time: 2 minutes

Emojis are more than just a mere smiley face and love them or hate them, they are becoming a fundamental part of how we communicate. Over the years emojis have become a fully fledged language among digital users, with ? becoming Oxford Dictionarys “word” of the year in 2015.

We have been seeing forms of emojis since roughly the early ’90’s starting with the simple 🙂 or 😀 to express how we were feeling to bring our flat texts to life.

It was in 1999 that Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita created the first group of emoji’s as more simplistic way of communicating. Although back then they were to discuss weather, traffic etc.

A whopping 10 years later Unicode officially adopted emojis adding hundreds more ??

Emojis took an enormous leap in 2011 when Apple added a full emoji keyboard to IOS, which was then as simple as swapping between regular keyboard ⌨️ and emoji ?.

Since then, emojis have come on leaps and bounds with what they include (different skin tones, professions, food, nature, symbols etc.) and it is truly becoming its own language, with more than 90% of social media users communicating with emojis and near on six billion people exchanging emojis daily.

All that aside,

How can emojis help market my business? ?

Emojis help convey a message and create a tone for the message that is sometimes not possible with words alone. Text can often be very flat and it can hard to convey personality or understanding in your message.

With the use of emojis in email subject lines for example it can instantly make the topic of your email more obvious. The expressive power of Emojis is such, that their presence can multiply the impact of your message enormously. In fact research has shown that adding emojis to subject lines will increase open and click rates as they are seen as more approachable. ?

Before this all began, it was difficult for email and chat to convert intention, emotion, subtlety or cleverness. Without context, humans did what they do best: filled in the blanks. More often than not, it led to communication disaster. ?

The truly universal language?

If you think back to the Egyptian hieroglyphs , in the most simplest form, they were images and icons used to convey meaning and emotions. Much in the same way, emojis are universal images that can be understood by people of many cultures and languages which helps to break barriers and make your content more inclusive. ?

So there it is. Whether you use them or not it is well worth familiarising yourself with the new language that is definitely taking over the digital age. Need more help in bringing your marketing and content alive with emojis, book a free grow your business session with our digital experts!