Scam Notice: Damteq® impersonators on Telegram & WhatsApp

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We’re just putting this notice out to warn people about scammers who are using the Damteq® name in an attempt to scam people through apps like Telegram and WhatsApp.

Over the past few days, multiple people have notified us that they have been approached on Telegram by “Patricia Moore” and other fake personas, offering “freelance opportunities” relating to YouTube channels that would give “daily rewards”.

When the recipient asked which company “Patricia” works for, they replied with a Damteq® website link (see screenshots below).

We will never contact people via Telegram or WhatsApp.

Damteq® does not endorse or promote any opportunities mentioned in the messages above or any similar to them. If you receive any of these messages or you are approached by someone falsely posing as a representative of Damteq®, refrain from providing any personal information.

We also want to make it clear that we will never send unsolicited messages via Telegram, WhatsApp, or other similar messaging platforms offering anything like the “opportunities” mentioned in these scam messages.

We are extremely disappointed that our brand name and website link are being used in an attempt to give credibility to a scam, and we want to prevent anyone from falling victim to it.

If you receive any correspondence that appears to come from Damteq® that doesn’t look right or you’re not sure about it, please email us at or call us on 01329 565001.

Additionally, if you have already received scam messages like this with someone posing as a representative of Damteq®, please let us know via email or our inbox on our LinkedIn page with attached screenshots of the messages.

– Team Damteq®

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