Damteq® is a 2024 Google Premier Partner! 🎉

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After a tonne of hard work from our PPC Specialists, we got an email this week to let us know that Damteq is now a Premier Partner for Google Ads.

There are over 22,900 Partner agencies worldwide, and only the Top 3% of agencies are invited to become Premier Partners.

There are only 150 Premier Partner agencies in the UK, and we’re officially one of them!

Here’s what being a Premier Partner means and how we got here.

What is a Google Premier Partner?

Google’s Premier Partner badge is awarded to companies with expert-level knowledge of Google Ads.

To be eligible for the Premier Partner badge, you first have to become a regular Google Premier Partner by meeting the following criteria:

  • Performance: Your registered Ads Manager account must have an optimisation score of 70% or higher.
  • Ad Spend: You must maintain at least $10,000 USD in ad spend over 90 days.
  • Certifications: At least half of your account strategists must have at least one certification in the Search, Display, Video, Shopping and App products and at least $500 across 90 days.

To become a Premier Partner, you must be in the top 3% of Partner agencies within your region (the UK, in our case).

The top 3% of partner agencies are judged on five factors:

  • Existing client growth: Measured by year-on-year ad spend growth for our existing Google Ads clients.
  • New client growth: Measured by year-on-year ad spend growth for our new clients who are using Google Ads for the first time.
  • Client retention: Measured by the percentage of Google Ads users that are managed and retained by us year-on-year.
  • Product diversification: Measured by the percentage of ad spend that goes to products other than Search, e.g., YouTube, Display, and Shopping.
  • Annual ad spend: Measured by the total ad spend across managed accounts each calendar year.

Now, here’s how we managed to meet those criteria…

What we did to become a Premier Partner

In 2023, we managed over £4,000,000 in client ad spend across Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and App products within Google Ads, while maintaining an average optimisation score of over 86% on client projects.

Our biggest focus for our clients’ ad strategies is performance and ROI, and with a strong optimisation score and an average client ROI of 800%, our PPC specialists absolutely knocked it out of the park last year.

Not only that, but our specialists have been continuously expanding their knowledge and skills through Google’s training courses, certifications, and exams.

Now, as a Premier Partner, we’ve got access to exclusive Google Ads features like priority and dedicated account support for our clients, as well as all the usual Partner benefits.

We’re all super-proud to become a Premier Partner, and it’s a clear demonstration of how hard our PPC team has worked to make our clients’ ad strategies successful and to better develop their skills in the paid advertising world.

Want to get in on the 8X ROI like some of our other clients?

If you’re looking to explore Google Ads for your business and want to work with a certified agency that can deliver results like we did for Cezarblue Kennel and LoftZone, get in touch!

You can call us on 01329 565001 or book a discovery call with one of our specialists here, and we’ll explore how we can help you grow your business through Google Ads.

Adam Smith, Damteq's Founder and MD, sat in the office boardroom on his laptop.