Treating your website as your best salesperson

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What’s the point of your website? Letting others know about your services, driving sales and processing orders, showcasing your work? There’s a good chance it’s all of the above. But have you thought about treating your website as your best salesperson, willing to work around the clock to generate business? Here we’re going to tell you why you should do exactly that and what you can change on your website to allow it to be the best salesperson your business has to offer.

Introducing your services/products

If you’re speaking to a potential client, you would be clear in tone, well presented, and you would want to ensure that the environment is a good one – you’d want to meet in a nice cafe or a tidy meeting room. You’re doing this to increase the client’s experience; this is parallel to a user experience on a website. You want to welcome the potential client with a nice design, a clear user journey, and the freedom to explore the website with ease.  In the same way, you wouldn’t want your salesperson to be poorly presented, hard to hear, and unstructured/uninformed, you want to make sure your website is conforming to high standards.

It might be worth getting a fresh set of eyes to go over your website with you – someone who doesn’t know the product/services you offer that well, and getting their opinion on design, clarity and general user experience.


Your website should know everything about your business that a potential client would want to know. There should be a clear structure in place, with information available. With a little marketing, you can drive people interested in your services towards your website– they’re leads ready to be sold to. However, just like any sales person would know – you don’t want to rush the sale.  Clear structure and enough information will help warm these leads up for you and will prep them to commit to your services.  Additionally, your website should be able to handle any questions a potential consumer may have, wherever they are in the buying cycle.

It’s good to think about the existing structure of your website and how it’s driving potential clients through the sales cycle without overcomplicating, and hard selling.


Most salespeople have targets to hit. If they don’t hit those targets, you analyse performance and make changes to improve.  If for example, they consistently speak to 100 people and close 30 deals, but for the past 2 months of those 100 people they speak to they only close 3, you’d be concerned and begin making improvements. You may look at the structure or product knowledge.  You should be doing the same with your website – the more time you put into reviewing the success of your website, the greater your understanding of its performance. You’ll observe patterns about what works, and what doesn’t.

If your website hits targets, don’t be afraid to invest more money into it – think of it like commission for your sales team, except this commission is there to generate more business for you directly.

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