How will Facebook Reactions change your social experience?

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Facebook recently introduced the new reactions feature, something that people have been wanting for quite some time. Now that we have had some time to get used to the idea of this new feature, here are our thoughts on how reactions could change your social experience.


Increased engagement

Quite a lot of Facebook users prefer to just scroll through their feed and either like or ignore posts. But now users who wouldn’t normally stop to ‘like’ a post may be more likely to stop and react to a post because of the more varied options available.

So despite the reaction you get to your post, you could be getting greater engagement on your content which could eventually lead to…


Better client communication

Simply looking at the amount of impressions and engagements on a post are (sort of) a thing of the past.  Now in your results, you can see the genuine reactions of your audience.

How you choose to use this data is entirely up to you but it could be used for figuring out the best types of content to post, the tone of voice your audience enjoys or even what your clients want you never to do again. Being able to separate what people think is funny from what people genuinely enjoy or are impressed by means you will finally know what that little ‘like’ really means.


More intuitive ad targeting (In the future)

If Facebook intends to fully integrate the reactions into its current features we could soon have the ability to target Facebook ad campaigns at people based on their reactions to similar posts and brands.

This will go one step beyond targeting people based merely on their page likes, this will allow us to target people based on genuine interest in certain products and ideas.