Digital Marketing Trends of 2018 – Part 1 of 3: Design.

Branding Website Design Reading Time: 3 minutes

Digital marketing is no easy feat; it can however, make you and your business stand apart from your competitors in unique ways. Once you have successfully marketed your business to a client, your competitor has to work at least twice as hard to win them over. Stay ahead of the trends so you don’t have to be the one working twice as hard later down the line, for results you can start achieving now. In this 3 part blog series, we’re going to go over the key areas of digital marketing: Design, Social, and most importantly, Technical.

Here are Damteq’s digital marketing trends for 2018.


Design is quite literally the first impression your business gets to put their message out to the world. Simply put, your services could be cheaper, better quality, and first past the post, but if the design is an eyesore, you’re guaranteed to be losing customers. Equally, if a client is struggling to decide between two businesses, it can come down to design and what they ‘get a better feel for’. Here are 3 areas of design to consider for your business.


User Experience. It’s important stuff. Poor UX can lead to a loss in sales. Think about it – if you go into a shop and encounter lazy staff, confusing store layouts where you can’t find what you want, and bright, headache inducing lights, you’re probably not going to stay there for longer then you have to, and you’d certainly buy the products elsewhere in a nicer environment if possible. Fortunately there’s a huge amount of research on UX and how consumers spend their time online. It’s quite simple, use padding, keep things concise, clear, simple and signposted. For UX, less is usually more – no one wants to be bombarded with confusing images and text, clean design is always appreciated.


With website compression at its best and fast internet more accessible than ever before, websites are flexing their digital design muscles and are including videos on loop, alongside offering tutorials or introductions in video format.  In 2016, Facebook recorded that videos categorically earn the highest rate of engagement, despite only making up 3% of total content. This won’t be too different from your website. This is no surprise, as consumers are considered to have a short attention span; businesses are using videos to reach larger audiences with greater results. You want consumers to engage with your services online, and if you’re not using videos you’re missing a trick. Keep them simple, well filmed with good, clear audio (if any audio), and ensure it doesn’t affect your site load speed. Whether it’s a feature video with advice/information on services, or simply a looped video showing off your business at work, it’s sure to gain engagement.

Augmented Reality

For many of us, our smartphones are some of the most powerful pieces of technology we own, certainly gram for gram when you consider the size and intended use of these powerhouse, all-in-one ‘phones’. Most of you probably have more RAM in your phone then in your work computer. Why is this though? Do we need Facebook to load faster so we can like posts a fraction of a second quicker? Well no, there’s obviously more behind it, and the limitations and capabilities of smartphones are becoming quite clear. In 2016, augmented reality introduced itself in the world through Pokemon Go, and in 2017 we saw more practical uses of the tech itself. From peripheral, 3D advertising based on geo-location, to virtual tours and meetings, and social media extensions/entertainment pieces, we have no doubt that the augmented reality and virtual reality has potentials yet to be realised. With predictions for the mobile AR to drive $108 Billion to the AR/VR market by 2021, we’re not alone in this thought and we look forward to seeing the developments between 2018 and 2021.

Part 2 of this blog will focus on social elements of online marketing.

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