Paid Social.

Amplify your reach and engagement.

Through clever research and strategy we can deliver ultra-targeted paid social campaigns that increase the reach of your business.

Social Media is one of the most useful tools that you can use to connect to the people that mean most to your business. From resolving customer support issues to growing your following, social media is a powerful platform that allows you to interact directly with your target audience. However due to recent algorithm updates, company page posts are not displayed as regularly as posts by users. Paid social ads are a great way to improve your presence and generate interest in a specific service, event or piece of content.

Paid social advertising and sponsored content offer you the opportunity to carefully focus on and reach your core target audience or increase your reach to a new or wider audience. We can research and put together paid for social advertising campaigns for you which align with your larger marketing and business goals.

When you invest in paid social marketing you are investing in your audience.

Our Paid Social Expertise.

  • Facebook Ads

    We can research and put together targeted paid for Facebook advertising campaigns for you which align with your larger marketing and business goals.

  • Sponsored Posts

    We can support your organic social media posts through the management and targeting of sponsored (boosted) posts on Facebook to increase reach and engagement.

  • Analysis & Tracking

    We create stunning and high performing websites with the user-friendly WordPress content management system (CMS) which is a scalable, powerful and incredibly user friendly website.

Working with us.

Unlike general social media posting, paid social campaigns are incredibly focused, usually promoting specific services, events and promotions.

First things first is to confirm your goals: social engagement, brand awareness or a targeted number of sales. This will help us to determine the best course of action and type of promotions we plan and run.

With your goals in mind, we start planning and researching, so we can narrow down your target audience and help you to decide which social channels will be most effective for your business.  We can then create tailored paid social strategies for each platform to encourage engagement and traffic to your website.

Audit & Research

We start by looking at any paid social campaigns you have previously run. We then research your target audience, your industry and the best way to reach your goals.

Strategy & Budget

From the research into your target audience and industry, we put together a targeted strategy and define an initial budget for your campaigns.


Once we have agreed on a budget and a strategy we will put together ads tailored to your audience and goals.

Monitoring & Optimisation

Throughout the month we monitor and optimise your campaigns to ensure we get the best results out of the campaigns.

Analysis & Reporting

When we reach the end of the month we analyse the results of the ads and sponsored content. From this we put together a clear and concise list of actions for the next month to improve the campaign.

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