6 Ways You Can Generate More Inbound Leads

Marketing Lead Generation Reading Time: 3 minutes

How many times have you looked at your pipeline and thought, “Wow, we really don’t need any more leads for a while!”? I’m guessing never. (If you find yourself saying this a lot then congratulations, my hat’s off to you!)

If this isn’t you then don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

The best way to take the thousands of internet users you are targeting and turn them into profitable customers is to implement a variety of inbound marketing techniques.

What is inbound marketing? (I hear you say)

Unlike traditional outbound marketing where businesses initiate the contact through cold calls, direct mail and mass email marketing, inbound marketing gets customers to come to you. With the inbound marketing methodology, visitors tend to find information about your business through blogs, search engines and social media.

Inbound Marketing Process

The Inbound Marketing Methodology

Here are a few ways that you can implement an inbound marketing strategy to generate more leads and enquiries:

Spark a Conversation with Live Chat

So you’ve hopefully got an engaging, beautiful and solid website to work with. Great! But now what?

It’s time to start a conversation! With a live chat system on your website (like the one we have in the bottom right-hand corner)  you allow website visitors to engage directly with you increasing their experience and likelihood to commit to a sale. Live chat is also an extremely cost-effective method to increase sales.

Learn more about Live Chat from this previous blog post!

Solve a Problem and Write a Blog About It

Blogging for business used to mean writing an article every now and then about achievements, news and awards. Today, consumers look to companies to answer questions, give advice and produce useful solutions to their problems.

A well-written blog will not only help you to engage more with your audience, but it will also help to increase the Google ranking of your website! Which leads nicely into my next point…

Get Familiar with SEO

For some, the most dreaded three letters in marketing!

When using a search engine, most people are looking for information that will solve a problem. Potential customers want to learn how they can overcome a challenge. When they compare first page results and lower ranked pages, there is usually a massive difference in quality. So gaining a higher ranking in search engines helps to ensure easier access to your website and as such a much steadier flow of visitors and potential customers.

Get involved (on social media)

Some of the best companies are those that are known on social media and with such a broad range of targeting options available, social media has fast become a legitimate method for generating more leads.

With the ability to target, age, geography, interests, job role and companies you have previously engaged with there is a huge opportunity to turn well nurtured social media followers into brand loyal customers.

Make sure you select the most relevant social channels where your target audience spends the most time. To learn more about the different types of advertising on social media and to join the debate about Paid vs Organic social see my previous blog post here!

Ultra Targeted Landing pages

To sales and marketing experts, contact details are an invaluable resource. If you can reach out to an audience with tailored content that meets their needs and fits their interests then all of your efforts will pay off.

By directing your website visitors to highly targeted landing pages where they can submit their details in return for further information or a free download, you will be able to capture potential lead data quickly, ultimately leading to more sales!

Really Improve Your CTAs

Think back to when you’ve bought or signed up for something in the past. Your Netflix account for example?

Would you have signed up if the big button on the home page simply said “Join Today”? Or was it the “Join Free for a Month” that drew you in?

Now I’m not saying that you need to give something away for free (although that may work!), but ensuring that every single CTA on your website counts will go a long way to increasing the number of leads you can generate.

The more descriptive and obvious your CTA’s are the better informed your audience will be giving you much more opportunities to encourage a conversion. Here are a few simple tips for making better CTA’s:

  • Be clear about what you are offering
  • Use colours that stand out and contrast your website
  • Make the desired result obvious

So there you have it…

Hopefully, you now have a few ideas of how you can generate more leads. Following the tips above will set you on the right path to growing your business through inbound marketing. So what are you waiting for? Get going!

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