Why do NAP’s help your Local SEO?

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First and foremost, I don’t mean sleep. Did you really think that taking a cheeky midday nap will help your Local SEO? Silly. Now then, when I say Local SEO I mean the listing of your business in the maps part of Google. Like this:

Local SEO

What is NAP?

NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number and it needs to be an integral part of your Local SEO strategy to get right. Whenever you put your website details onto a directory or social platform, make sure they match your listing on Google.

Why is consistency important?

Think of it like a game of snap (you know, the game from your childhood where you match the cards), when Google crawl your website, they look for the consistencies to ensure your business IS your business. Even if your phone number is slightly incorrect Google may penalise just in case they aren’t right.

One other thing to remember is that other websites and directories may find a listing and reuse the data. Think of it like a huge web of data, the longer the incorrect data is out their, the more companies will publish it. The situation only gets worse!

How can you improve your NAP’s?

As an agency we use software to help manage directory listenings for clients. One thing you can start today is a spreadsheet of where you submit your URL’s and listings. You can then monitor this and update accordingly over time. This will also help you later down the line if your details change, or you move office, as it’ll be easier to remember where the data needs to be changed.

Where can I publish my details?

With regards to adding more local business citations it’s important you consider who the company is and what their domain authority and trust score is. Some good starting points will be companies like Yelp, Facebook and Yell.

As a company we’re able to help manage and publish your local business citations. Why not get in touch with us today for a free 60 minute consultation to get the ball rolling.

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