Ensuring Brand Consistency throughout your website

Website Design Branding Reading Time: < 1 minute

A huge factor when creating or maintaining your website is ensuring your brand is displayed consistently throughout every page, this includes every aspect from the typography all the way down to the imagery.

Typography – Setting a standard

The best way to go about ensuring consistent type throughout your site is by formulating (if this hasn’t already been crafted by your designers) a guideline document to follow. This will allow you and others that may potentially have influence over the website to standardise the typography used throughout the website. For example, it may be agreed that your body text should always remain at 16 pixels and your heading text at 50 pixels.

Photography – Picking a style and sticking with it

When choosing imagery for your website ensure it reflects your brand and the messages you want to portray. Your photography encapsulates your approach to your customers and should subtly appeal to their emotions. Think about exactly why they are on your website, what do they wish to achieve from using your services and how can the imagery reflect this.

Colours – Picking the palette

When you create a brand identity it’s important to create a beautiful palette of colours that coincide with your logo. Not only your logo but the values and emotions you want your brand to invoke.

Selecting key colours that compliment the elements of a site is incredibly important and ensuring you keep within the parameters of your brand.

Although your brand is much more extensive than the above if you can successfully implement these three elements into your site your brand identity will be clear in the minds of your customers.

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