How live chat can increase your monthly enquiries.

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We’re now in an age where when we want something, we want it now, but we don’t want the hard sell. A lot of website visitors sometimes feel reluctant to put through a contact form in fear that they will get a hyped up sales-person calling them and trying to flog them every service underneath the sun.

Utilising Live chat is a brilliant way to break down the barrier between a visitor and your business to help qualify them as a lead. For some businesses, such as clothing stores, live chat is not effective. There are however certain industries that require visitors to communicate with you before deciding to purchase your product or service.

Typically, Live chat has a more distinct impact on industries that struggle to receive web leads. This is because some products/services are more complex than just buying a t-shirt online, and visitors have more complex requirements.

How to attract more website traffic

If you want to generate more leads, you need to attract more traffic to your website. There are many effective ways of doing this, but a more long-term approach is to boost your traffic with SEO. With higher, more direct traffic comes the opportunity to open a conversation with a visitor.

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How can I make live chat work for my business?

So, you’ve got traffic to your website but no one is clicking on the chat window – what do you do? Well, do you always stop at every shop window when you’re walking through town? Most likely not. You only stop at the ones that catch your eye. The same rule applies for your Live chat. If your chat box is just a small bubble in the corner of the website, some visitors may not know what this is and may ignore it. A better interactive approach is to have the wind pop up and look like the chat has already begun:

Screen Shot 2017 10 12 at 16.31.06 - Digital Marketing AgencyYou’ve probably already noticed me down in the right-hand corner of the website already (Send me a message, I’m really there!!).

As you can see from the chat window, there is my name, a message from me and the chat window will wait there until closed. A visitor will be more inclined to send me a message in reply than to input all of their details before initialising the chat.

Letting the software create the conversation for the user will help increase the number of live chat engagements. From here, you’re able to have a conversation with that customer using your internal sales process to close that deal.

In conclusion, live chat software can be great for engaging with your customers without them having to call or send through an enquiry form. It also allows you to prequalify that visitor and capture that data for future reference. For live chat to work for you, make sure you’re already receiving good website traffic through up to date SEO, and make sure your live chat box is eye-catching.

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