Organic VS Paid Social: Which is the best strategy?

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There are currently 2.6 billion users on social media around the world and, according to Statista, there will be over 3 billion social media users in the world by 2021! That’s insane! That means that around 40% of the world’s population will be on social media, making it an incredibly powerful marketing resource for any business. If you aren’t already on social, you’re missing out.

Among these 3 billion users however will be thousands of companies, brands and influencers all vying for the attention and custom of the consumer market and with a lifespan of your average tweet being  just 18 minutes and Facebook and Instagram algorithms changing faster than you can say ROI, it’s no surprise that so many marketers are turning to Paid Social Media advertising to stand out.

Why Is Paid Social Media Advertising Important for Digital Marketing?

Whilst the initial appeal of social media for businesses is the £0 price tag that comes with it, this so-called ‘Free Exposure’ is rather limited, and the time and effort it takes to grow a social media following naturally can cost your business months, if not years in time.

Facebook’s algorithms now make it trickier than ever for organic posts from businesses and pages to reach people. Increased competition for News Feed space means Facebook is striving to show more relevant content to its users, prioritising posts from friends and connections over businesses.

Side-note: No matter which approach you take, paid or organic, social media success won’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and genuine passion!

Can you run both Organic and Paid Social Media Campaigns?

Most definitely! In fact, we would encourage it! When done right, an organic social media campaign can complement a well planned out paid advertising strategy.

Without paid social ads, no matter the size of your budget, it’s unlikely you will see a substantial growth in your following. It’s a vital part of building up your brand awareness and encouraging conversions. On the other side of the coin, without organic posts, you won’t be able to really connect with the following the paid advertising is building. Use organic social to build relationships, answer questions and start a conversation with your audience.

Aren’t Paid Ads Less Authentic?

Many people believe that paying to reach an audience automatically takes away the authenticity of your business but that isn’t always the case.

If done properly, sponsored posts allow you get specially crafted messages or solutions to a targeted audience who need them most. Paid advertising gets straight to the point, whereas organic strategies are focused around long-term relationship building.

Social media, whether you are using an organic or paid approach, can be scary at first, making it difficult to know how to get started or move forward. Whichever approach you use, it’s important that you are genuine and that the messages and solutions you offer are useful for your target audience.

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