Why do we only build bespoke websites?

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At Damteq we’re proud of the fact we make our websites bespoke. No Templates. No Preset Themes. No Bullshit.

What you get from us is 100% blood, sweat and code. We love it, and our clients do too.

1. Cost & Time

Bespoke design and development sound pricey and time-consuming, and they can be. You don’t expect to pay the same for a tailored suit as you would for an ‘off-the-peg’. It’s made custom for you.

However don’t be fooled by inexpensive prebuilt ‘one-size-fits-all’ themes, just like that cheap suit, sooner rather than later, your website will need work done to it, and if you’ve opted for a prebuilt theme, you could be paying out the nose for lengthy development time. With a bespoke theme, that won’t be the case.

Why? Because every element of a bespoke website is built by us. We know the code inside out, if there are any additions you want to add as your business grows, it won’t take us an age, so it won’t cost you the earth.

2. On Brand

Your website needs to make a good first impression, it’s your best salesperson, [read more about this here]

That prebuilt theme that Jonathan from IT found might look great with its 5 shades of orange and bouncing header animations but is it on brand?

With bespoke development comes bespoke design. Every aspect of your website will be built with your brand in mind, reflecting and reinforcing your product/services unique USPs, giving you that competitive edge.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

With a bespoke site, you have complete freedom when it comes to SEO and social media optimisation. Most prebuilt themes will advertise their compatibility with plugins like Yoast and All In One, and that they’re optimised for search engines. However with any prebuilt theme comes bloat, and bloat means a slow website. Google takes this into consideration when ranking your site, so it’s important your website is as fast as lightning. This can only be achieved through custom, bespoke development.

4. Functionality

Plugins can’t do everything.

If you require a unique or niche feature, or your site needs to be compatible with a client portal or custom/legacy software, there is no way around it. It needs to be done bespoke. The functionality and user experience that can be provided through custom development is arguably its biggest draw.

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