7 key things to consider when choosing an inbound marketing agency.

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The time has come to choose an inbound marketing agency for your business, but there are so many out there how can you ever make a decision? Well here are the main things to consider to help make it a little easier.

Their project process

When you’re meeting with an agency it’s important to find out their project processes and how they will be working with you and your business from start to finish. There is nothing worse than being sold to with the promise of everything you could ever want and then receiving poor service.

Look into the software they use and how they are project managed. Here at Damteq we utilise various software such as Asana which is a project management application where we can plan our tasks right down to the exact amount of time (in minutes) each one will take. This allows us to be far more efficient and honest with time frames.

Their experience and expertise

This is pretty simple: when you speak to them do you feel 100% secure they are experts in their field? Are you confident in their experience and the work they produce? It often helps to view some of their case studies this helps you understand the sort of work they produce and backs up everything they have said to you in initial discussions. Have a look at our results page to see our previous projects and portfolio.

Their ratings and reputation

It is a lovely thing to simply believe the best in a company, but for peace of mind do your research. Look at their ratings and reviews across a few channels including Google. If you are thinking of working with a certain company, always look into how they are rated by their clients. This will give you a real insight into the sort of company they are and how good they are going to be to work with.

Their Reliability

This ties in with the above comments, are they going to be reliable? Based on their ratings and reviews you should be able to make a good judgement. Using a trusted company that is backed by another trusted company (such as a Google Premier Partner) is a sure sign you can rely on that business to support you with yours. You need to feel secure with the company you choose that they are going to do the best for you and that they are going to be around in the future to support you.

Their Location

Now location isn’t too important, most of the work can be done from anywhere. But something we have found here at Damteq is that having local clients who can pop in for a coffee and a chat anytime is enormously helpful to building lasting relationships and creating trust between businesses. You get to know the people behind the screens and they get to know you, which means when they bring your vision to life they have a real connection with you.

The Costs

Be upfront about costs, are there any hidden costs or maintenance fees that aren’t mentioned straight away? Be sure to find out exactly what you are signing up for. Alongside this be realistic with your budget, ensure that what you’re spending won’t negatively impact any other part of your business.

And finally, do you like them?

It certainly helps if you get on with them, if they understand you and you have a connection. That’s the sort of company you want to work with, someone who makes you feel at ease and will support you from start to finish.

If you need a little bit more help with making your decision, have a chat with us and see what your best options are. 

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