6 reasons why WordPress is the best CMS for your website

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There are so many website platforms available, as a small business owner it can be very confusing trying to pick a website solution for your new company website. Every Freelancer and Web Design Agency will have a different idea and opinion.

When Damteq was born in 2006 we spent 4 years finding, researching, and using different content management systems for our clients websites. Very early on, we realised that WordPress was by far the best. We’ve now used it solidly for almost 6 years and we’ve compiled a simple list with a few reasons why we believe it is the best platform for your website.

Adding content is easy

When WordPress was first released, it’s primary use was for bloggers to get online. It was all about content. They made it super easy for bloggers on the go could login, add a post or a page and publish it for all to see. During all of its development since, it has been focused on keeping posting and publishing simple.

It is user friendly and simple

As it started life as a blogging platform, it was made so that everything can be done simply and efficiently. From adding new pages, to refining content its fast becoming a drag and drop platform. It makes it easy when they update to new versions, they always follow the same structure, so you don’t have to relearn what you know already.

It is SEO friendly out of the box

WordPress was developed with Search Engine Optimisation at its core, it’s extremely lightweight, versatile and comes with some great, automatic out of the box features that enable it to be an SEO powerhouse. Included within the plugin store are some powerful free addons that will help you take your SEO to the next level.

It will grow with you

I can guarantee that at some point in the past you’ve thought of a great feature for your current website, only for you then to phone your website design company for them to tell you it’s either not possible, or will cost you £1000 to code. Well with WordPress, there is a built in plugin store, where over 50,000 developers have produced thousands of open-source plugins that will help you expand and extend the functionality of your website with ease.

It is super secure

As WordPress is an open-source platform, there are regular free security updates made to the core of the website, your theme and plugins, which ensures the code behind the scenes is completely up to date. This means less vulnerabilities and more productivity. There are also lots of plugins, like Wordfence, that are free on the plugin store, that will help take your site security to the next level.

Businesses large and small trust WordPress

Over 25% of websites live on the internet are currently built using WordPress. WordPress is trusted by huge corporations, like eBay and Facebook, through to small local businesses, like yours and ours. With its easy to use interface, yet expandable options and versatility, WordPress is the CMS of choice, all over the world.

The list goes on….

Our designers and developers at Damteq are WordPress experts, if you have any questions about WordPress or want to find out more about how it can help your business, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team by contacting us

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