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Launch targeted ads across Microsoft platforms like Bing, MSN, Yahoo, Outlook, and others in the Microsoft Display Network to engage your audience, drive targeted traffic to your website, and increase leads, sales and revenue.

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We help you get more traffic, conversions, and revenue from your Microsoft Ads campaigns.

We help you get more traffic, conversions, and revenue from your Microsoft Ads campaigns.

Taking a detailed, data-led approach to paid ads management, we create conversion-focused Microsoft Advertising campaigns that drive targeted traffic to your website, increase leads and sales, and create a consistent, reliable flow of revenue to help you scale your business.

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Increase Website Visitors.

Invest in Microsoft Ads to drive high-quality traffic to your website. We create targeted ads that reach users actively searching for your products or services, increasing visibility, engagement, and conversions.

Import Ads & Campaigns.

We can easily import your existing Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Ads with just a few clicks, saving time and effort and allowing you to replicate campaigns and expand your paid search reach.

Detailed Tracking.

We always use data to validate our thinking. We optimise your campaigns to deliver the best possible results by using detailed performance and conversion tracking to monitor campaign KPIs and metrics.

Less Competition, More Visibility.

With less competition from other advertisers on Microsoft Ads, you can increase your paid search visibility and performance with a lower average cost-per-click than your Google Ads campaigns.

The average cost-per-click on Microsoft Ads is 33% lower than on Google Ads.

With a lower cost-per-click, less competition from other advertisers in your industry, and a higher click-through rate than Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising campaigns can help you make the most when promoting your offerings to your target audience.

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Dynamic Search Ads

Microsoft Dynamic Search Ads automatically generate ads and match them to user searches based on the content on your website. If you manage extensive product inventories or regularly change your website content, Dynamic Search Ads are easy to manage and keep up-to-date.

Our Microsoft Ads team will create an optimal account structure for your ad campaigns and optimise your website content to ensure these dynamic ads are highly relevant, target the right people, and deliver consistent conversions and optimal performance.

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Audience Ads

Leverage Microsoft Audience Ads to reach and engage with your audience across platforms like MSN, Outlook, and other sites in the Microsoft Audience Network, using AI-powered targeting based on demographics, behaviours, and interests.

Our Microsoft Ads specialists will help you create compelling visuals and copy that resonate with your target audience, driving higher engagement and conversion rates and maximising the efficiency of your ads.

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Product Ads

Get more eyes on your products and increase sales by showcasing them directly in Bing Search results. Microsoft’s Product Ads pull information from your product feed to create eye-catching ads that increase product and brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to your landing pages.

Our Microsoft Ads specialists will handle the setup, management, and optimisation of your product feeds and ad structure to help you maximise your ad performance and maximise sales and conversion rates.

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Video Ads

Increase your brand visibility, awareness, and website traffic with engaging video ads. Microsoft Video Ads are a dynamic way to capture your audience’s attention, promote your offerings or brand message, and increase website traffic.

Our Microsoft Ads specialists can help you create high-quality video ads tailored to your target audience. Our team will set up, manage and optimise your video ads, using Microsoft’s advanced targeting options to maximise reach and impact on Bing, MSN, and other sites and platforms on the Microsoft Advertising Network.

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Responsive Search Ads

Crafting multiple ad variations and supplying Microsoft’s machine learning system with relevant assets, headlines, and copy, our PPC team can help you leverage Microsoft’s Responsive Search ads to reach your ideal customers on platforms like Bing, Yahoo and MSN, driving relevant traffic to your landing pages.

By automatically testing different heading and copy combinations, Responsive Search ads find the most effective ads for your audience and adapt to user queries in real-time to maximise your ad engagement and conversions.

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  • What's the difference between Microsoft Ads and Google Ads?

    While both platforms are similar in terms of their systems and their ad types, Microsoft Ads provides unique targeting opportunities on the Microsoft Search Network, including Bing, Yahoo, and Outlook.

    Google is a much bigger and more popular platform, so using Microsoft Ads, you’ll often face less competition from other advertisers and benefit from lower cost-per-click and unique audience demographics than Google Ads.

  • Can I import my Google Ads into Microsoft Ads account?

    Microsoft Ads provides a straightforward import tool that allows you to import your existing Google Ads campaigns directly into the Microsoft Ads platform. This makes it easy to replicate successful campaigns and reach a broader audience.

    Our Microsoft Ads specialists can manage this process for you to ensure the import is completed correctly and the campaigns are set up correctly.

  • How do auctions work on Microsoft Ads?

    Microsoft Ads uses a similar auction system to Google Ads. Advertisers bid on keywords, and the system considers the bid amount and ad quality score to determine ad placement.

    Higher quality scores can lead to better ad positions and lower costs per click.

  • Can you run remarketing ads on the Microsoft Advertising Network?

    Yes! By using UET (Universal Event Tracking) tags, you can track and collect user activity on your website and funnel that data into Microsoft Ads to create remarketing audiences.

    You can then create specific retargeting campaigns that can be displayed across the Microsoft Advertising Network to re-engage with these visitors, get them back on your website, and encourage them to convert.

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Only the top 3% of agencies worldwide are a Google Premier Partner, and there are less than 180 agencies in the UK. Being a Premier Partner means we adhere to Google's rigorous standards for PPC management, using only the best-in-class techniques to ensure your campaigns succeed. It's a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to helping your business thrive.

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One of Damteq's PPC executives, Harvey Sangster, sat at a wooden table, working on a laptop.

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