What benefits does social media offer for a law firm?

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Social media and law firms aren’t two things that you’d naturally put together. However, they have been forced together as time as evolved. With many seeing it as a chore and expense, with the stand out questions being – How do I generate leads with social media and how long will it take?

The quick answer – no one knows when the leads will start to form but you will get there with a correct strategy. This can often be the sticking point as many firms don’t have the time to dedicate to this type of marketing. That’s when hiring a social media agency can be a be hugely beneficial.

Below are some key points to consider for any law firm looking to be active on social media 

Brand awareness

Every time a post on social media, people are connecting with that business. It’s important to remember that people are more inclined to work with a business, when they are more familiar with.

Over a prolonged period of time, posting on social media will lead to an increase of awareness of any business. It will also help to build trust with any audience, as they will be able to understand more about the business.

Brand positioning 

Producing content that is valuable, educational and engaging on a regular basis will help with brand positioning. By doing this on a regular basis, a business can cement themselves as the ‘go to’ within their industry.

Humanisation of the brand

Social media offers a unique way of interacting with your new and potential customers. Giving your customers the opportunity to contact you within a few clicks of their device, is an effective way of making your brand new approachable. 

Humanising your brand from social media doesn’t just mean responding to enquires. Creating unique and engaging content is also an effective way of humanising your brand. Whichever type of content you produce, it’s important to remember that the content that goes viral, is the type that breaks the sigma.

When planning content, it’s important to remember that the industry of the business doesn’t define which platform the business should be on.

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