How to effectively brand your business on social media

Social Media Reading Time: 2 minutes

How is it possible for a business to get recognised on social media when there are millions of users? It’s simply, effective branding.

Social media branding is an effective way of getting recognised within seconds, no matter the platform it’s on.

There are a range of ways to conduct successful branding for business on social media; and all of them are key to building an all-rounded brand online. Below are some key points to consider when thinking about how to brand a business online. 

Profile Branding 

Social media branding for businesses can be tricky; you have to consider and alter key factors including profile pictures, profile header, saved stories and content.

When a visitor looks at a businesses social media it should feel the same as when they visit the website. If each platform is branded correctly, then users should be able to connect regardless of the platform. 

Instagram Themes

Themes on Instagram have become increasingly popular with users as it enhances the personalisation of their pages. This can also be used effectively when businesses want to brand their profile.

There are a range of benefits to social media branding, such as gaining attention and increasing in KPIs. Types of themes can include: Singular colour, White boarder or Rectangle photos theme.

Focus On Design

The visual elements of social media such as colour palette and typography play a crucial role on how users perceive brands. 

Creating graphics, free resources and infographics that are branded, will lead to an increase in brand awareness. Users will be able to recognise content on their feeds naturally and begin to build trust.


Social media branding online cannot be carried out without branded imagery. Posts with images increase engagement by up to 150%.

It’s key to remember that the imagery doesn’t have to be about the products or services that the business is selling. The focus has to be that all imagery is on brand.

Always remember

It’s important to remember to track how certain branding changes affect your profile and metrics. This can be done through social media analytics or Google Analytics.

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