The Power of Podcast Marketing

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With podcast marketing, we hold a realm of free knowledge at our fingertips ready to be absorbed at any moment.

Whether you’re a savvy business entrepreneur soaking up digital marketing intelligence, a true crime fanatic or you just like listening to chat shows and the latest news… there is a podcast for you.

“Why do people listen to podcasts?”

Ability to multitask

The great thing about podcasts is they can be used to drift away into another headspace, or as a silence filler on your own.

Whether you’re in the gym, doing the dishes at home or on the daily commute, a podcast is readily available on your smartphone at any point.

The ability to multitask comes with the ability to listen with or (for the most part) without video context. This allows you to do different activities all in one smooth transition without audio interruption.

“Why should our business do it?”

Adding value 

Podcast marketing is all about sharing knowledge in your field.

Don’t be nervous, remember you’re the expert here.

In your podcast marketing strategy, make it clear, who you want to target with what message. Once you’ve captured your ideal audience, the referrals will come flooding in.

Not only does this mean increasing traffic generation but it builds authority and credibility on these platforms.

Slowly but surely, you’ll become the ‘go-to’ for that topic.

Humanising your brand

Despite the platform forming a one-way conversation, opening up to your listeners can spark a personal connection.

Your listeners love hearing from you, about your experiences and even want the possibility to feature on the show

A great way to humanise your brand is to not only listen to the Humanised Marketing Podcast by Adam Smith and Max Brooks (yes, I know… shameless plug), but also to ask your listeners to send in questions and answer them on your podcast.

Instead of seeing you as a brand, they’ll see you for who you are behind the business and what you truly stand for. That is what will generate revenue.

“How do I market a podcast?”

The same way you would market your products and services…

Are you getting the results you want from your marketing?

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