Up Your Social Media Game: Top Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Social Media General Reading Time: 3 minutes

Is your social media account is looking a little bland? Or Have you noticed your engagements drop? While the platforms are ever changing and adding new tools, if you don’t change with them you may find you fall behind and your posts don’t reach their full potential.

With so many different advertisements and companies posting all over social media. You need to make sure your content is catching peoples attention. If you post similar content or just self-promotion/salesy posts continuously, your followers are naturally going to stop being interested and inspired by your brand.

It can be a little confusing knowing where to start. You got your website up and running ✔️, then you made a social media account across a few platforms ✔️, then you started posting✔️, and then somewhere along the line you lost your sparkle. Well, I’m here to give you some pointers to get it back and shining!

Where should you start?

Firstly, embrace new features. I know a lot of people roll their eyes when social platforms roll out another feature ? but instead of rolling your eyes, open them! This is an opportunity to expand your reach and content on your social media.

Facebook rolled out a whole range of options when it comes to posting on your page, and I for one, love them.

  1. Feeling/Activity – This has been around for quite a while but now but I love these as I think it gives it a really personal edge and it can help convey a range of emotions and tones, such as sarcasm or humour. It can be really hard to convey humorous sarcasm in flat text.
  2. Add a Milestone – This is fairly simple, but when it’s your companies birthday, or something big happens within your business it’s a perfect opportunity to make a post a little bit different and can help followers engage with you as it’s a very real and personal post.
  3. Offer/Discount – This can be company dependant but we all love a bargain?. If you can, run a competition, offer a service, engage your followers and provide them with a reward for getting involved.
  4. Poll – I LOVE THE POLL FEATURE. It’s snappy and fun, it doesn’t require much effort from either party, but helps get people involved. It allows your followers to interact with you and can also help you gain information following a market research type approach but it’s far more relaxed and you know you are engaging with humans who are interested in your brand.
  5. Q&A – Similarly, this is all about allowing your followers to engage with you and allows you to respond to them – it’s been shown that customer satisfaction rate shoots up when they get a response directly from a company, it’s much more personable and allows a bit of fun.
  6. Support non-profit – If you support a local charity, or you are doing your bit for a good cause (e.g a beach clean up.) then shout about it. Allow your followers to see what you’re up too and maybe teach them about a charity or a cause they may not be aware of. This is good publicity for you and also for the charity!

Of course, there are other features you can utilise to create a more professional feel for your brand and to put yourself at the forefront of peoples minds, such as;

Stories and Live Videos!

With all the automation bots and post scheduling it can be hard to connect with brands, but with live videos, it’s in the moment, it’s real.

Due to new social media algorithms, a lot of posts go unseen, however with stories, this doesn’t seem to be affected in such a drastic way, if someone is clicking through and sees you posting in-the-moment shots or interesting/funny shots regularly, without knowing it, it will stay in their mind.

Whilst these tips may not immediately gain you sales (but I hope they do!), the aim of them is to create an online presence that gains trust from your followers and inspires others to follow you.

I hope you found this article helpful, however, if you are still a bit muddled on getting your brand to come to life, get in touch with us and we can offer a complimentary hour session with our digital marketing specialists.

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