Javascript and The Future of Front-End Technologies

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Web development technologies are always rapidly expanding at high-speeds. They are constantly improving and innovating meaning; what was popular yesterday could be the complete opposite for tomorrows world. As an example, let us take a look at Javascript, a popular front-end coding language.

As one of the most well-known programming languages, Javascript continues to constantly grow and develop into a more flexible and robust library. Javascript is an object-orientated programming language commonly used to create the interactivity in a website or application (think about when you push a ‘Submit’ button on a form).

In the world of web applications, the fight between Angular and React, which both use Javascript, is a pretty fearsome one with Angular only slightly prevailing. However, given the demand from developers for more flexible and powerful frameworks, this could change at any point.

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According to a Stack Overflow report involving over 64,000 developers, Javascript is the most popular coding language of 2018! But that is not even for this year alone, it has been in this state for the last five years.

As Javascript continues to gain popularity, the need for more single page based applications (SPA) increases, and why not? They work perfectly across all user devices, have a high-performance and decrease web development time. Though it is too early to talk about total usage from SPAs, even more developers are starting to adopt and learn Angular, ReactJS and VueJS as a way of creating cost-effective hybrid apps.

The future is exciting for both businesses and developers alike! We are all constantly looking forward to what comes next and this is certainly something to keep an eye on.

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