SEO for the IT Industry

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So, you want to grow the online presence of your IT company… well you’ve found the right blog. Now that the cliché opener is out of the way, in this blog we’ll be covering the benefits of SEO for IT businesses and some simple tips for getting you started with improving your rankings.

Before we start, it’s worth setting the expectation of what to expect from investing into SEO for IT business. SEO is a long-term investment and a one-off optimisation just won’t cut it. It incorporates many aspects of your business including (but not limited to) Branding, User Experience, Social Media, PR, Content and the list goes on. With that being said, it is well worth the investment as it will open up new opportunities to increase leads, promote your brand and more.

If you’re looking for more short-term wins, in our previous blog we’ve covered PPC benefits and top tips for businesses in the IT Industry. Check it out if you have a minute!

Benefits of SEO for IT Companies

Although Google Rankings can be competitive they are extremely worth competing for. Of course, the top position on Google is most favourable, but there are still a host of benefits from being positioned in the top 10 on Google.

Increase traffic to your website

Traditionally, IT companies have found business through customer retention, referrals and other offline marketing. SEO allows you to be found by anyone searching for your IT service whether it’s Cloud Computing, IT Support, Remote Monitoring etc.

Increase organic leads

If you haven’t previously competed on Google for search rankings, you could open up a host of opportunities for potential customers to get in touch and find out more about your services. With SEO for IT, your target audience can easily find your website without knowing your brand name or website URL.

Improve brand awareness

By appearing in different searches, it provides a further touchpoint for web users to see your brand. They may already be familiar with your brand from social media, word of mouth or a trade show, but nothing promotes quality and trustworthiness like the number 1 position on Google, right?

Quick Tips to Implement in your SEO for IT today

Aren’t you tired of blogs that tell you all the benefits of SEO but don’t actually give you any actionable changes to make right away? Me too! Here are some quick tips to improve your SEO for IT businesses today:

Make sure your meta details contain the keyword you want to rank for

If your site is currently using the page title as the meta title you may want to look at adding a plugin, such as Yoast, or asking your developer to add it to edit your meta details. It’s extremely simple to use and will allow you to edit your meta details freely.

What are meta details: You know those blue text links that show up when your search for something on Google? These consist of a title and a description, and allow you to label and describe your page before the user has even clicked through.

Use location-based landing pages to

Location-based searches such as ‘IT Services (Insert Location)’ may not have the same volume of searches as ‘IT Services’, but it’s a lot less competitive and easier to rank in a high position for. Try basing some of your landing pages on areas local to your business, with content highlighting your service and location. You’ll be surprised how much extra traffic this can bring in.

Add your keywords to image file names

A simple trick to boost your SEO is saving your image files as relevant keywords before uploading them to your website. If you wanted to rank for, let’s say, IT services for healthcare, instead of going with the usual image name of something akin to “xRdjjsolPjU_01_2020” try something like “IT Services for Healthcare”, to give your content on that page a boost in that area.

Note: Do not save every image with the same keyword. Use synonyms and other related keywords to balance the content and not be penalised for keyword stuffing.

Would you rather someone else do all of that so that you can focus on the business?

We can help! We’ve helped hundreds of clients in a variety of industrys, including IT services, to reach their online goals through SEO. Keep in mind that the above tips will not skyrocket you up the rankings to the number 1 position overnight.

SEO for IT is a long term investment. The tips above are part of many triggers Google uses to determine whether your site is suitable for the searches users make.

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