Increasing User Engagement: UX In The IT Industry

General Reading Time: 3 minutes

Often with user engagement, specifically with regards to content layout, the goal is to keep things clean, simple and easy to digest. So how do you do that in an industry which is often sought out by people who find IT support/management anything but simple?

Here are a few of my recommendations for effective User Engagement for IT Industry websites:

Stop trying too hard

Whilst it’s important to demonstrate expertise and knowledge, you’ve got to be careful not to overwhelm your audience with complex sentences. You’ll want to use trigger words and straight forward sentences. Acknowledge that the industry isn’t simple, but that your support and offering is.

There’s an overwhelming number of websites in the IT industry that have hundreds of menu items, different tiers of support and products, who dress up services in an attempt to make them exciting. Quite frankly, they’re just not. One way to overcome this, is to lean into it. Acknowledge that the industry isn’t as glamorous or luxurious as a new sports car and be transparent about it.

Change your tone

An example of this being acknowledged and utilised, is the brand, “Norm”. Norm recently rebranded, and with that, totally changed their tone. Their new company slogan? “Reassuringly dull cyber security”. Just commenting on the industry makes them standout against the rest. It is dull, but it is important. This already sends a strong message of how they’ll operate with you, and what to expect in your working relationship with them, full transparency, no bullshit, no consulting terms.

Stop trying to sound like an expert, and just be straightforward. If you can’t simplify what you do to a handful of words for people who aren’t in your industry, chances are, you don’t fully understand it either.

Give people a choice

Your industry is a necessary evil for technophobes. You need to serve them just as well as you serve people who love technology. This can be a tricky job, so to play both sides of the field, you’re going to have to give people a choice.

The best way to do this is just to talk to them, assess how much involvement they want, and how much information they can handle. Offer good, in depth content on the website for those who know their stuff, but let those who don’t talk to you as if they were at the pub. Encourage them to ‘speak to an expert’ through strategically placed CTA’s. After all, it’s a much easier service to understand over the phone or in a conversation.

Keep it clean

Lastly, design is going to help you a lot here. A busy website suggests a busy process. A busy process is not what people want for this industry. A ‘clean’ design with plenty of space and a clearly defined user journey will help your website perform.

Keep an eye on your bounce rates, if you notice a higher than average number of people dropping off on certain pages, check the content. Is there too much? Simplify it. Is there too little? Expand it. It’s a balancing game, but getting higher levels of user engagement isn’t computer science…

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