Optimising Your Paid Ads: PPC in the IT Industry

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The IT and Tech industries are highly competitive and while SEO is a fundamental branch of your marketing strategy, it is imperative that you broaden your horizons and dominate every aspect of the digital landscape to fill your sales funnel with quality, data driven leads. Find out how to best optimise your PPC for the IT Industry.

How Will PPC Benefit an IT Business?

You want your consumers to find your products or services, communicate with your team, and convert into paying customers with ease, which is where PPC in the IT Industry comes in.

Benefits of PPC:

Flexible Campaigns

With real-time updates showing your daily results, you can keep a close eye on your campaigns and regularly optimise them to ensure they’re relevant to your consumer.


You have the power to target your campaigns precisely to your consumer. Experiment with your ads and edit your schedule, budget, industry and audience segmentation with the click of a button!


PPC in the IT Industry allows you to track every penny spent, every lead generated, and every piece of data gathered. Meaning you can stay in the loop on what is and isn’t working for your brand, and make informed decisions to best optimise your PPC campaigns.

Top Tips for PPC in the IT Industry


Select the most effective keywords that are focused on your campaign. This will stretch your budget further and render far better results than a long list of slightly relevant phrases!

Check and check again

PPC in the IT Industry requires many small changes and regular health checks. Doing this ensures that you can measure your results and keep an eye on the best practises for your campaigns.

Be Direct

So, you’re targeting focused keywords and making informed changes to your ads, what now? It’s essential that your URLs are directing your consumer to the relevant landing page. The more direction you give, the higher your chance of conversion!

Let’s Create a Winning Campaign

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