Seasonal Marketing Tips for Your Business

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If you have a seasonal or yearly campaign coming up in a month or two that you’ve yet to start planning, you are already behind and you’re not alone. Year after year, businesses plan to run a Black Friday offer or a campaign around Fathers Day or Easter but they fail to plan ahead and take advantage of the season.

Below are some simple tips for running seasonal promotions and marketing campaigns.

Start Early

This is arguably the most import part of running any seasonal marketing campaign. These things take planning, time and a clear message which is something you will struggle to do at the last minute. Seasonal campaigns happen every year so there really isn’t any excuse not to get prepared.

Here are a few things to make sure you prepare in advance:

  • Ad Copy
  • Images & Assets
  • Social media Posts
  • Physical signage or collateral (leaflets, flyers, posters etc)
  • Landing pages
  • Timelines

Analyse last year

Did you or your competitors run a promotion last year. Take a look at what happened, who engaged with which content? This will help you understand where best to spend your time, efforts and budget.

Not every marketing channel is needed for every campaign. Take a read of this blog by Adam about selecting the right marketing channels for your business.


If you aren’t already running retargeting ads, now is a great time to start. Assuming you have a good audience on your website already or a list of opted-in emails you can remarket to, this can be a great way to get your seasonal marketing promotion in front of your audience ahead of time.

Create an offer

There is nothing people love more when shopping than an offer or a sale. If you are able to offer something that your competitors can’t or won’t this will give you the edge and make your marketing message even stronger. This could be something as small as a free consultation or session included if you purchase within the time frame or a freebie gift with every purchase on the day of the event.

Whatever the offer is, make sure it has real value and is something that will entice people to your offering over someone else’s.

Google Ads Extensions & Headlines

To go along with the idea of starting early, set up extensions and headlines letting people know about your upcoming campaign and the dates it applies.

Using promotions extensions on your adverts during Black Friday or Christmas can really help your ads stand out and showcase your deals and offers.

Not yet ready for your seasonal campaign?

Get ahead of the competition and start planning your seasonal campaigns early. Got an idea for a seasonal campaign you want to run? Get in touch to find out how we can help!

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