Which Industry Has The Highest CPC In The UK? – August 2019

PPC Reading Time: < 1 minute

You may have seen my article last month about the average cost per click for each industry in the UK.

Here are the latest stats for August

Screenshot 2019 08 12 at 18.58.49 - Digital Marketing Agency

As you can see from this table, insurance is the most expensive.

Terms such as ‘Business Health Insurance’ and ‘professional indemnity’ are around £30 per click for top page listings.

What industry terms have the cheapest CPC?

As you can see, the average CPC across different industries vary massively. The cheapest industry is electronics with the average at just 30p a click. Even so, it’s still a hugely competitive industry with some key terms such as ‘smart electronics’ and ‘home electronics’ average around £8 per click.

Does CPC vary per region?

Yes! Massively. You’ll find that many factors contribute the CPC from landing page experience to the types of keywords you use. Even region does contribute to the cost per click cost. Here is a quick overview of the average CPC in the UK by region.

Screenshot 2019 08 12 at 19.05.00 - Digital Marketing Agency

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