Choosing The Right Photography For Your Brand

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Photography and imagery are two things I touched on in a previous article but it remains an integral part of any branding process.

Your first step must be to create a brand story that you will follow throughout the design process and beyond. This will begin to help you define the image style you need and understand whether these images will resonate with your customers. As an example, technical images can work well for businesses looking to reinforce their skills to their clients, showing that they have the knowledge and expertise the client is looking for.

Technical Image - Digital Marketing Agency

The best way to do this is to create a bank of images that are bespoke and personal, investing time and money initially will pay dividends later on down the line as these can be used across all forms of marketing, whether that’s digital or print.

Here’s an example

Take a look at Vesalius Medical to see how we built a strong brand identity as well as direct a bespoke photo shoot to sit perfectly alongside.

laptop vesalius - Digital Marketing Agency

Another benefit of creating bespoke photography is your images are going to be unique. They won’t appear on stock websites, and crucially, they won’t appear on your competitors, giving you another way to stand out from the crowd.

Let us know your top tips for imagery and photography in the comments.

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