5 Useful Tools for Web Developers

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Below is a list of my most used web developer tools of 2020. These are ones that are specific to my job role in building websites and I find are really helpful in being able to develop websites quickly and efficiently. The order is non-specific.

Netbeans IDE

There are many different development IDE’s on the planet, and I have tried quite a few, however, I always go back to Netbeans. Although it can be quite a resource hog (as its designed for Java based development) it is also fantastic for me to get ANT scripts to push and pull theme templates, plugins and database sql files.

Ant Scripts

Ant build scripts are quite an old way to work nowadays. But after delving deep into it, I have been able to integrate incremental pull and push via SCP and LFTP, as well as quickly Rsync data back and forth with my development environments.

Git and Github Integration

Github and Git are essential for web developers and are imperative for any successful build operation. It allows you to version the website, so if something goes wrong you are able to roll back quickly and efficiently. It also helps a lot with team collaboration as when developing a website from scratch and having multiple people on the project it really improves workflow and error prevention.


Some web developers say, why would you use an open source platform for websites when you can use things like Local by flywheel. Truth be told, this is a fantastic resource for web development agencies. It helps to develop on a quick local-network environment for team cross checking, without wasting time waiting for the site to load on an external staging environment.

Here at Damteq, we use this tool for our internal staging and cross checking platform. Meaning that it goes from a .local (Flywheel) instance, to a .network instance where the team can view and collaborate with getting a project done.


Blisk is new to the block browser, it allows web developers to very quickly cross-check a lot of different browsers, devices and orientations. This is especially helpful when you need to test e-commerce websites to their full potential. As we are ecommerce website developers it really helps to make sure that each intricate part of the build is optimised to its full potential.

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