Why Your Staff Could Be the Key to Your SEO Ranking

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Lacking with your on-page SEO? Need help with your digital marketing strategy? Well, you’ve landed on the right blog. Having poor analytics and a flawed SEO marketing strategy isn’t a quick fix. It’s not like social media where you can start posting and engaging and suddenly your analytics increase.

SEO requires a-lot of time and effort in order to see it increase, this is a key reason why many people reach out to an SEO marketing agency.

At Damteq, we have been running our internal blog writing strategy since the earlier months of 2020. 

By doing this, we have increased the amount of blogs on our site to over 235. You maybe thinking to yourself, why is this relevant to me?

Well, there’s a huge benefit to having a large number of resources like this on your website.

Be Seen as a Helpful Resource

Having a large number of helpful resources for visitors to look through can be a huge benefit.

A great SEO marketing strategy is to target long-tail keywords when creating content. These keywords tend to be questions and phrases that consumers search. They carry less competition and directly benefit your business as the more you target them, the more likely you are going to appear in the top spot of the SERP rankings.

Another key benefit of producing a large number of blogs is that you can be seen as a leader within your industry. If a visitor to your site lands on your blog page and you have a large number of resources, they are more likely to trust your brand and build a relationship with your business.

Help Your Staff Develop

Content writing is a valuable skill to have no matter what industry you fall into. Even if you think you’re in a role that the furthest thing from marketing, this is still something you should consider taking the time to develop.

Having a team that are all willing and able to write a number of blogs each week will transform your SEO marketing strategy over a period of time.  

My Team Isn’t Big Enough?

If you don’t have a large enough team, or feel you can’t fulfil an effective SEO marketing strategy, then Damteq is your place to go.

We have a number of internal SEO experts that can plan, implement and monitor your custom-built strategy. Contact us and start optimising your SEO marketing strategy today.

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