3 Free Google PPC Tools to Improve Your Performance

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PPC management is data driven, and the one thing we know about effective data driven marketing is, of course, it requires large amounts of highly relevant data!

But how do we monitor, identify and utilise this data to the best effect? It would be impossible to analyse the amounts of data required to make the most informed decisions for your paid advertising campaigns.

The answer to this question is to take advantage of the tools available to PPC specialists. These tools are essential for any PPC expert, and they can save you precious time and money too.

Google Ads is one of the big hitters when it comes to PPC management. It offers an array of tools to help with the data heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on PPC management and implementation.

PPC Management

If you work on large campaigns or campaigns across multiple accounts Google Ads Editor is a must. It contains almost all you would need for bulk edits and optimisation.

Although it looks similar to the Google Ads interface you’re used to, Google Ads Editor is at least 3 times quicker at making any sort of bulk change.

PPC Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner is essential PPC strategy experts when planning paid advertising campaigns.

It gives you a complete overview of keyword forecast metrics. This includes average monthly searches, competition levels and bid estimates from within specific locations, languages and networks based on past data.

It’s also a huge help with discovering new keywords to broaden your targeting and open up alternative avenues for your business. The data this can provide can also be useful for SEO specialists as well as PPC. Helping to learn and develop your campaigns further.

PPC Analysis Tools

Whether offering paid management services or running your paid advertising campaigns in house, Google Analytics is critical. This piece of software provides everything you need to track effectiveness of your PPC and collective website performance.

The best element of Google Analytics is its ability to compile all website data into one place. This allows complete freedom to track not just traffic and its sources but, how it acts on the website as well. Monitoring whether the traffic engages positively on the site, taking valuable actions or not and how separate traffic sources effect each other in the complete customer journey.

You can also quickly and easily create and download reports to help you present key progresses or areas of improvement to your team or clients.

Learn More About Effective PPC Management

These are just a few of the more fundamental tools available. However, there are so many tools that assist with PPC management services some free and some not that help increase PPC performance.

If you’d like some guidance on what could help improve your paid advertising campaigns get in touch with one of our team.  

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