What Makes Brand Loyalty?

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A multitude of brands are all selling oddly similar products, but why are consumers drawn to a specific one?

It boils down to a few factors (that industry leaders have obviously nailed) with the help of Digital Marketing Experts.

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is made up of many components such as authenticity, image, reputation, convenience, experience, social media marketing etc.

There is so much that makes up an initial sell, but when it comes to customer retention, brand loyalty is your right-hand woman.

Let’s delve deeper into brand loyalty, where you’ve experienced it and how you could incorporate it.


We’ve all heard the common phrase: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffett

Brand reputation is absolutely vital, particularly with social media reaching the audiences that it does. The silver lining of the internet is smaller brands can make a quick come up from being nothing to a popular and credible brand in just a few years.

Take a look at Gymshark. They were founded in 2012 in a Garage. In 2020, they have taken the sports apparel and athleisure industry by storm. It’s hard to walk into a gym without seeing their logo walking everywhere.

Gymshark is a digital marketing expert, having made itself a globally successful brand through the use of social media marketing.


Although it helps, brand experience isn’t always about pretty packaging and the products inside.

A great way that a lot of brands put it, is building a sense of community through being enthusiastic, informative and engaging with their audience.

73% of consumers say that the key to their loyalty is all within their experience.

An amazing example is walking into a salon. You’re greeted, pampered, offered refreshments and made to feel both important and glamourous.

Authenticity and Transparency

Another great attribute to brand loyalty is how authentic and honest you are with your client base.

We’re in a time where everyone is progressively becoming more mindful with what they put on their skin, in their body and the ethics behind every brand they use.

Innocent Smoothie do this extremely well through the use of their website, social media, branding, packaging… (basically in every form).

They’re honest with their customers and for this reason, people don’t mind paying that little bit extra.

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