What Are Quality Landing Pages? – And Why You Need Them!

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As you delve into the world of digital marketing, you come across a myriad of buzzwords and concepts. From SEO, pillar content to Landing Pages. But are these concepts worth the effort? How can they benefit your business goals? Where do they fit into a digital marketing strategy? 

If you’re a business trying to generate leads, using landing pages on your website is a key opportunity to convert your website visitors. 

Developing landing pages may sound like a simple task. However, the key is to create quality, tailored pages to ensure it leads to conversions. 

You may think your ad has done the hard work to get visitors to your site. However, is your page supporting the final stages of your lead’s journey? 

They are an important opportunity to take interested traffic and turn them into converted customers. So, if not used effectively, you could be easily damaging your marketing efforts! 

What are Landing Pages?

In digital marketing, a landing page is an individual website page that has been specifically designed to convert visitors to a particular campaign, for a particular reason. 

They are not generic pages of your website that your visitors land on. 

A good example of a quality landing page is: 

Say you’ve searched for ‘in-line roller skates for adults’ online. You see a search ad that aligns directly with what you’ve searched. You click the link to the companies landing page and land directly on an ‘in-line roller skates for adults’ page. 

This landing page is simple. It has taken you directly to what you searched for and has a clear call to action, or maybe an offer at the bottom too! Thanks to the simplicity, you find your perfect pair of roller skates and you’ve ordered them. 

No disruption, just an easy journey for the buyer. This landing page has refined and improved the user experience and has increased conversions as a result!

A bad example of a landing page is: 

Using the example above, this time we click on an ad that advertises what we want. However, when we click the link, we’re directed to an outdoor sports shop homepage. 

As this landing page is the homepage, it is busy and doesn’t immediately show what we are looking for. Now, note that some users here will leave as the link hasn’t aligned directly with the ad. Some users may stay and use the menu to find what they want.

Either way, you’ve added barriers between the user and what they’re looking for. Also, reducing the number of conversions. 

Landing pages should eliminate these barriers and be the page the user wants with focused and specific content. 

*Damteq Insight* Google judges the quality of your pay-per-click (PPC) ads by their relevance to the linked page. If the linked landing page has been built to be more relevant, matching everything in the ad; the ad then appears higher in search results as it is showing exactly what the users are searching for. In turn, if you’re using an irrelevant linked landing page for your ad, you could be harming the performance of your PPC marketing. 

What can Landing Pages be used for?

These pages can be designed to complement many digital marketing campaigns. They can support: 

– Brochure or eBook downloads

– Subscribing to newsletters or email lists

– Offers or sales 

– Form submissions

– Register for events

– Products or services

– Blog posts

– And many more! 

As they can be designed specifically to match your campaign goals and aims, they are a great tool in any strategy! 

What are the benefits of Landing Pages?

You don’t have to update your entire website for each new marketing campaign

Quickly create and easily manage pages tailored to each campaign goal. In addition, you can also have clarity when reviewing data and traffic. Helping you to better measure the success of your marketing efforts and learn from them!

Location based landing pages can support your local SEO efforts

Help users find you with location-based pages. These dedicated pages could be based on where you are, or target areas that you service to help spread your brand further.

Providing better user experience 

Creating a fluid user experience on your website removes any disruption or pain points for the visitor. In turn, creating satisfied and converting customers.

Need help with creating quality Landing Pages for your business? 

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