The Challenges of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Reading Time: 2 minutes

Whilst the digitalisation of marketing has been both revolutionary and beneficial, some businesses are still unsure of how to make the transition. Discover how you can optimise your digital and social media marketing strategy in-house, or with an inbound marketing agency.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is every element of marketing that uses the internet to interact with their customers. It’s a great cost-effective and efficient way to convert new business.

A lot of businesses use an inbound marketing agency because being cheap, doesn’t mean that it’s quick or easy to do.

In a LinkedIn poll, our audience told us that their frequent struggle is with generating leads through social media. Delving in deeper we found out a 50/50 split between finding it difficult to create the sense of an online community and keeping up with posting.

Schedule Everything

Everything under the digital marketing umbrella requires constant work and maintenance. A great way to manage your time and focus your efforts better is by signing up to a scheduling website. Some great sites that social media marketing agencies use are SEMrush, Buffer and Later.

These will allow you to create graphics, write captions and view how the post will look prior to posting. Not only is it great for organisation purposes but, it allows you think about what you’re going to post. This sounds like a given, but you’d be surprised by how many businesses just post for the sake of being on the timeline. Of course, it’s great to be seen but if it isn’t the correct image, message or of relevance, it’ll be waste of time and you may even risk an unfollow. 

Create an Online Community

Unfortunately, it isn’t something that can be done overnight, nor can you ‘complete’ it. It is a long, continuous process, which is why businesses tend to steer towards a local inbound marketing agency to maintain it for them.

The key to social media marketing and growing your online community is understanding who your customer is and what they want from you. This can be done by tracking online habits or retracing your current customer behaviours before purchase. 

As a digital and social media marketing agency, we love to produce interactive content surrounding our currently clients, the latest digital marketing trends and office culture. We find that these types of posts in particular really create online traction.

Humanise Your Brand

If you follow Damteq, you’ll know how passionate we are about putting the ‘human touch’ back into digital marketing. As a creative agency we see the common mistake of people posting content for the sake of posting or as a page filler. Trust us when we say people would rather see quality than frequency.

If humanising your brand is something you’re struggling with, chat to our Inbound Growth Specialists about how we can improve your online image.

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