Social Media Marketing Checklist

General Social Media Reading Time: 2 minutes

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The days of using social media as a means to just blast promotions are long gone, and now only well planned social strategies will get you the sort of results you want from social media marketing.

This checklist will help you to make sure that you are getting the most out of your social presence. Be sure to grab a downloadable copy of this checklist at the bottom of the page!

Set Goals

Set Goals 

Setting goals will help you to understand what you are trying to achieve with your marketing efforts. You should look at the current goals of your business and set marketing goals that will help you to achieve them.

Make a plan

Social media marketing without a plan is like driving somewhere without knowing where you’re going. Looking ahead at your current month or quarter and the content you want to create will give you a structure to work to and will increase your chances to attracting the right audience.


Create Content

Content is king when it comes to social marketing. You need to create interesting content that will engage your audience and increase your value proposition. Once you have planned and created your content you can establish your social strategy to drive traffic to the right place.

_0001_Group 11Produce unique images for social

Social media is a vastly visual place so you need to be creating images that fit the dimensions and specifications of your social networks. Images speak 1000 words so having amazing original images can only help you to promote your brand and content.

Respond to Messages

Social media is a two way medium. You need to be making timely responses to messages and mentions of your brand. These interactions could help lead to potential clients in the future.

Monitor your brand

Aside from monitoring messages that your profiles are tagged in, you should be using search functions to look for indirect mentions of your company and engaging with them.

Engage with your audience

Seek out potential customers using hashtags and keywords relevant to your target audience and engage in the conversations they are having. Try and find ways to use your online content to solve the problems they are having.

Respond to your audienceDiscuss your social media successes with your team

If you work in a team or with other social media managers then be sure to regularly discuss the techniques and approaches to social media marketing that have worked well for you.


Look at your data

At least once per week you should be looking at your social media analytics to see whats working, what could be improved and what could be cut from your social strategy.

Ask yourself:

  • What is being shared?
  • How quickly am I responding?
  • Are there areas you aren’t covering?

Adjust your goals

If you are surpassing or reaching your social media goals then maybe you need to think about aiming higher. If you are not quite meeting your targets spend a bit of time figuring out why and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Doing this can be very overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing. Getting a professional digital agency to market your brand will give you a better chance of standing out online and free up your time to do other things. Take a look at our social media marketing services and get in touch to find out how we can help.

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