5 signs that it’s time to give your website an upgrade

General Website Design Reading Time: 2 minutes

Just having a website for your company is not enough. You need to have a well designed and easy to use website that will engage and inform your customers so that they know that you can fulfil their needs.

Quite often people will equate the quality of a company’s website directly with the service they offer. So if your website is cluttered and difficult to navigate, clients will assume that you offer a complicated and messy service which will make them very unlikely to contact you.

Here are 5 signs that it may be time to updates your company website.

It doesn’t work well on mobile

More people are searching the internet on mobile devices than ever before, so it’s really important that your website works perfectly no matter which device someone views your site. Not only is this going to help to improve the experience for your website visitors but it will also help with improving your ranking on Google.

Find out more about responsive web design.

Bounce rate

If you see that your website visitors are only spending a short amount of time on your site and looking at only 1 or 2 pages per visit, you have a very clear indicator that your website isn’t useful to your visitors for one reason or another.

You need to seriously look at the content on your website to see if you can find ways to improve the user experience on your website. If you want an impartial opinion on your website content then get in touch with us.

It’s visually outdated

Web design trends change so rapidly that if your website is a few years old it may just look outdated. It could be simple problems such as your copyright still saying its 2006 or it could be your entire site that’s the problem.

Web design has evolved drastically over the years. Today websites are all about clean design and easy navigation meaning that if your website is hard to navigate and is cluttered it’s time for a re-design.

Loading time means a long time

A website that takes ages to load is one of the biggest things that can cause users to abandon a website. With the advancements in technology and internet speeds over the years,  people now expect a website to load within around 2 seconds.

If your website is too slow you not only risk annoying people and causing them to leave your website but you will also hurt your search engine ranking.

You’re embarrassed to give people your URL

If for any of the reasons above (or another reason we didn’t mention), you’re embarrassed to give your URL out, it’s definitely time for a website upgrade. Your website is a representation of you and your company. Unlike any employee you will ever have, your website will represent your brand 24/7 so you need to have it in the best shape possible.

If you’re sat there thinking that this sounds like your website then don’t sit there worrying about it, get in touch with us to find out about getting a website upgrade. If you’re still not sure then you can take our test to find out what your website needs!

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