Setting yourself goals for your own website.

Business Strategy Reading Time: 3 minutes

In your business you are used to setting goals, whether time driven or financial. Setting goals gives you something to aim for and provides a strategic direction on how to get to it.

When it comes to your website, you should definitely consider creating a separate set of goals to build a fantastic tool for your business to grow.

We have hundreds of meetings a year with business owners and it still shocks me today how many companies don’t use their websites correctly, or they had it built  years ago and it’s never been touched since. 

It’s 2019 and your website could massively help your business. Technology has advanced and nowadays you can automate so many processes. 

One of the reasons that you might not use your website is that you just don’t have time. I do understand that sometimes it’s best to leave the complex parts to the experts, but there are definitely a few things you could do, that are less technical that could really get you into the right mindset to get involved with your own website more. 

Some of the things you can do yourself:

  • Write more regular articles (Need inspiration? Use questions that your clients regularly ask you and write a blog with the answers in.)
  • Review and tweak website content
  • Change images to keep it fresh
  • Change some buttons and call to actions
  • Write insightful resources, like white papers

What goals should you set yourself?

Website goals don’t necessarily need to be number or financial driven. Here are just a few to set yourself to stay on track. 

Set a goal to review your own website regularly


  • Is the content reflecting the direction you’re taking with your business?
  • Do images still suit the look and feel of your brand?
  • Are your services/products shown in the right way? Are they easy to find?
  • Is content still relevant?
  • Is your website still concise, error free and easy to navigate?

Set a goal to research the latest tips and tricks

Our industry changes very quickly and even things that were hot 6 months ago, won’t necessarily be current now. Setting some time aside to ask your marketing agency about the latest ideas, or to do some research online yourself is a vital part of your website journey. 


  • What is the best way to write new content
  • What are the latest paid advertising trends and techniques
  • What are your competitors actively doing online (don’t follow them, but see what they’re doing and get a step ahead)

Set a goal to look at your overall lead generation strategy

Website technology is evolving and can now be a huge part of your company-wide lead generation strategy. Introducing an inbound marketing strategy usually gives you a much warmer lead to nurture. Ultimately your website needs to change inline with your business growth, treat it as your best salesperson.


  • Breaking down your revenue into segments based on the lead source. This will allow you to define which source generates you the best quality leads
  • Introducing more lead magnets into your website, like downloads and gated content
  • Review your leads every single month
  • Record as much data as possible about each lead

Running a business is challenging and setting your own goals for your website will hopefully stop it being left to die and be forgotten about.

We offer completely free marketing reviews, so why not spend 15 minutes writing a quick list of your website plans. Send them through to me here, and I will give you constructive feedback with the best guidance to help you grow your business.

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