Social Media Marketing for Financial Services

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So, you want to generate leads with social media, but are unsure where to begin? 

Creating engaging social media content can be daunting, even more so when you offer services in the financial industry.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little creativity and a strong understanding of your target audience, engaging content can be produced no matter the industry.

Social Media In the Financial Industry

In an industry where there are many rules and regulations, providing information in bitesize chunks can be a headache. However, the financial sector has a 31% year-on-year growth on social media — the industry is adapting, it’s time to capitalise on this!

We have outlined three key points to consider when aiming to generate leads with social media in the finance industry.

Show Personality

Sharing personal content usually receives huge engagement rates in comparison to sales-based content. There’s no secret that users don’t want to be sold to at every opportunity, that’s why sales-based posts should be kept to 20% of a social media strategy.

It’s important to not overthink how the personal side of a brand can be shared. Staff success stories, office videos, and telling the story of how the company was founded are great ways of providing a personal side to the brand. Approaching users in a way that humanises your business will massively increase your ability to generate leads with social media.

Interactive Content Is Key

In a crowded marketplace, interactive content is a great way to gain attention. Polls, surveys, giveaways, and Q&A sessions engage users and invite them to really get to know your brand. 

This form of content must be included in a social media strategy. The more engagement your content receives, the more likely it will appear at the top of feeds — which is exactly where you want to be.

Do Your Hashtag Research

Posting content without hashtags could seriously harm a profiles growth. Researching relevant, trending hashtags and implementing them within all social posts is a great way to get your content seen by a larger audience. If the content is engaging enough, users will interact and follow the account. Doing this on a regular basis is effective in gaining momentum on social media.

Discover You Can Generate Leads with Social Media

If time or strategy is an issue, then hiring a social marketing agency may be the way forward for you. Hiring a team to manage your accounts and generate leads with social media is an effective way of achieving goals that you don’t have time to implement.

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