Is Email a Powerful Tool for Estate Agents?

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Digital marketing has many branches; including email marketing.

Email marketing isn’t dead, it’s actually one of the most successful ways of reaching customers.

We’re living in an age of anti-social socialising. Most relationships are formed digitally rather than face-to-face. This shift in communication is directly impacting modern business and marketing strategies.

Millennials don’t meet up, they FaceTime.

They don’t knock doors, they text ‘here’.

They don’t tell the taxi where they’re going, they order an Uber.

They don’t ‘go shopping’, they order everything online.

Lives are getting busier.

Estate Agents are having to do all the legwork to make the buyer journey as smooth as possible.

You won’t ever prevent technological evolution, but you can use it to your advantage.

Why Email Marketing?


Email marketing works best when is isn’t SPAM, for obvious reasons. Statistics show that an impactful subject line can improve our click through rate by 26%, just through adding some form of personalisation.

Keep generalisation for social media. Email marketing is your shot to build relationships with your customer base.

The key is to add value to every email, otherwise you’re just another number in the notification box.

Target Market

Whether you’re logging on, signing up or checking out… to benefit from the internet, you’re going to need an email address.

Email is a humble powerhouse.

The great thing about having access to all that data is the ability to segment your audience. With an optimised email marketing campaign you can send specific messages to each group/individual.

You’re in their inbox, so be friendly and choose your message wisely. 73% of millennials would rather receive a personalised email over a call.

Cost Effective

Be a premium agency without spending premium prices.

To most people buying a home is a big deal, not to mention an expensive one.

With email marketing you can present yourself as a high-end brand without your prices resembling one. It’s the cheapest, yet most efficient way to reach your customers.

2019 statistics show that on average, every $1 spent on email rendered a $44 ROI.

To make it even easier… find help with your digital marketing services.


Email marketing doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.

Most email marketing software does the analytical work for you. You’re automatically able to track open, click and unsubscribe rates at the click of a button.

It’s easy to monitor changes to progress to your final goal. Getting there will be a long ride, but so worth it.

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