Are your PPC campaigns ready for christmas?

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Whether you love christmas or can’t believe that the ‘christmas creep’ is getting earlier every year (mince pies went on sale in SEPTEMBER?) christmas is only 5 weeks away and if you work in ecommerce it cannot be overstated how important it is for you to get your PPC campaign ready for christmas.

With stats showing that shoppers are getting their christmas shopping completed by early to mid November it’s more important then ever that you get your campaigns setup correctly to meet the holiday rush.

Here are 8 things to keep in mind to make your christmas PPC campaign a success:

Learn from experience

If you are a seasoned online retailer with an active Adwords account, your previous christmas ppc campaigns can be a great source if inspiration for your new ads. Start off by reviewing what worked and what didn’t last year, which keywords worked best and which adcopy worked.

Set Up New Christmas PPC Campaigns

Each year you should set up entirely new campaigns rather than just adding new holiday ads to old groups. This way you can effectively control budgets for these campaigns without interfering with your regular campaigns.


Just because your chosen keywords ranked well for the rest of the year, don’t take it for granted that you will during christmas. Many companies invest heavily in the last quarter of the carter with large budgets and heavy handed bids. So make sure you have enough budget to compete in your industry in what is expected to be one of the business online Christmases to date.

Bigger isn’t always better

If you are a smaller online retailer you may be asking yourself, how can I compete with the likes of Amazon and their speed of delivery? Well, in recent years around 25% of all online shoppers purchased from a retailer that they had never used or heard of before. In the run up to christmas people tend to be buying things that they wouldn’t normally buy, so if you can offer the products they are looking for at a competitive price, brand loyalty will go out of the window.

Ad Copy

The quality of your ad copy is an important factor in where your ads display. Make sure that your ads stand out by showing off what makes your christmas sale worth the customers time and install a sense urgency to remind shoppers how long they have left to get their products before christmas by creating a sense of urgency with phrases like “Don’t miss out” and “Offer ends soon”.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to show extra information in your ads about your business. As well as helping to improve the visibility of your ad, ad extensions often increase your total number of clicks. By showing more relevant information such as contact details, reviews and site links you are more likely to capture the attention of people and get further click throughs.

Seasonal landing pages

Competition to get your Ad shown during the christmas period can be hard enough as it is. So if when you do succeed in getting potential customers on to your site don’t disappoint them by sending them to a generic home page. A bespoke designed landing page for your seasonal offers can help to increase conversions by driving people straight to the content you are promoting your ad.


A remarketing campaign will repeatedly show your ads to people who have already visited your website. Using a dynamic remarketing campaign Remarking campaigns give you access to people wherever they are when they are most likely to buy. Get in touch to discuss setting up a remarketing campaign for christmas!

If you keep these things in mind, you should be have great success with your PPC campaigns this christmas! If you think you could benefit from professional Adwords management get in touch about our services!

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