3 Signs That Your Website UX Needs a Tune Up.

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Creating a great user experience on your website isn’t just an option now. It’s a necessity.

If your website isn’t giving visitors the information they need or want, your competitors’ websites will.

If you’ve noticed that your traffic is high, but you’re not getting conversions, then it’s likely that your website isn’t keeping them engaged.

Business owners tend to focus on the things in marketing they can see results with, like paid advertising and search engine optimisation. However, most miss a massive opportunity by not focusing on optimising the user experience on-site.

To tell you more about website UX, we’ve created this post to give business owners three things to watch out for that are signs your user experience needs some attention.

Not enough call to action… action

Driving loads of traffic to your website through great marketing is half the battle. The other half is getting those website visitors to convert.

There could be a few causes…


It may be an issue with your content. Is it captivating your audience? Does it focus on them and their problem areas? Or is it just all about your business?

Focus on creating content that keeps your audience interested and will make them more likely to follow your call to action path.


If your website is designed to stand out and grab your visitor’s attention immediately, just make sure it’s not going overboard.

Websites with heavy artwork, colours and animations may look great, but they can be frustrating to use. Remember that sometimes less is more. Always use white space and simplify wherever possible.

Remember that design is subjective, so something you might love won’t appeal to your customers. Don’t forget, your website is for them, not you.


Site structure is super important for turning site visitors into leads. If you’re giving your visitors too many pages to read through before they come across a CTA, then you need to try to shorten your website journey.

Keep a general call to action on the first page they land on, and then link to other pages on your site that will keep them interested and nudge them towards conversion.

The structure of your page and the journey someone takes are really important to look at. You can do this by analysing visitor data within Google Analytics.

Pages load reaaaaally slowly

A fast website is essential for providing a great user experience, and it’s crucial for your Google rankings (and other search engines too).

How annoying is it when you click on a website that takes ages to load? It doesn’t give you the best first impression of that brand, does it?

If you’ve noticed that your pages are taking a while to load, or you’ve run it through your SEO software, and it’s raised it as an issue, then it’s something that needs sorting as soon as possible.

Your website should take less than 1 second to load. If it takes longer, performance will be degraded.

Slow site speed isn’t just something that will annoy your visitors. It will also have a significant impact on your Google rankings. This means you could see a drop in site visitors and an increase in bounce rate from the users that make it to your website.

To avoid driving away visitors as soon as they land on your site and the risk of losing your hard-earned search rankings, make sure your website is lightning quick!

Buried in Google search results

If your website is buried down on page 6 of Google, but all your on-page SEO and backlinks are top-notch, it could be down to your user experience.

Google ranks your website through various factors, and user experience is a big one.

If a search engine crawls your website and sees that it takes a while to load, the structure is poor, you haven’t made it very accessible, and users are leaving after only viewing one page, your rankings will likely start slipping.

Now a little disclaimer, if your website isn’t performing well in search results, don’t just go and change your entire site layout to improve your UX, as that may not have been the issue.

Either invest in good SEO software, like SEMrush or reach out to an agency for advice.

If your user experience is part of the problem, then you can work on getting your website back into fighting shape and reclaim those rankings!

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