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Alitex is a well-renowned manufacturer of bespoke Victorian-style greenhouses. They are partnered with The National Trust and have been recognised by horticultural icons like Alan Titchmarsh MBE and Dame Mary Berry.

We began an SEO project on their website in April 2023 after they reached out for help with improving their technical SEO and growing organic traffic and for guidance on their website content plan.

Since then, we’ve been working on multiple areas of their SEO, covering technical changes and fixes, on-page optimisations and content strategy, and UX audits and improvements.

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Technical SEO Specialists

Fixing Alitex's Technical SEO Issues.

One big focus for the project was for our Technical SEO Specialists to regularly audit, monitor, and fix technical issues on the Alitex website.

Over the last year, our team have fixed over 645,000 technical issues across the Alitex website. They continue to monitor and improve performance and site health and regularly report progress to the Alitex marketing team.

Our specialists fixed issues such as internal redirect loops and chains, 404 errors, broken or missing canonicals, missing headlines, poor page speeds, and low Core Web Vitals scores.

The inside of an Alitex greenhouse with a variety of clay plant pots, watering cans, and a gravel flooring.
Alitex greenhouse in a flower garden, with a large oak tree in the background.

On-Page SEO Services

On-Page Optimisation and Content Strategy.

Another arm of Alitex’s SEO project has been improving the content on their ‘Natural Collections’ pages, with the aim of increasing organic traffic and ranking positions for these pages.

Our SEO Specialists also focused on content optimisation through informative blogs and downloadable guides and implemented a local SEO strategy to help Alitex increase their visibility in their target locations.

Alongside the content plan, we also regularly completed and monitored a range of on-page and off-site optimisation tasks, such as optimising images, fixing duplicate content and missing metadata, Google Business Profile optimisation, and monthly backlink audits.

The Result.

Now, a year on from the start of their SEO project, we have helped Alitex improve their organic search and keyword performance across several of their pages and helped increase leads through gated content downloads.

Our SEO Specialists continue to monitor and optimise Alitex’s technical SEO and site health and work closely with the Alitex team to create valuable, optimised content for their website. With this continuous optimisation, we’re in a great position to keep the momentum going with these performance improvements.

The project’s next steps will involve our UX specialists conducting an in-depth website audit, working alongside our SEO team and the marketing team at Alitex to improve the website’s overall user experience as we continue to grow their organic traffic.


Below are a few stats demonstrating the improvements Alitex have seen from April 2023 to May 2024.

* this year to date, compared to the same period last year

**April 2024 compared to April 2023


Increase in Organic Clicks*


Increase in Gated Content Downloads from Organic Traffic*


Increase in Keywords Ranked in the 1st Position on SERPs**

Having used Damteq for over six months, I can confidently say we are super glad we came across them! Our website traffic is stabilising and is up 20% on average. I would highly recommend Damteq for SEO.

Martha Hunter

Digital Marketing Manager, Alitex

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