What should I ask a Marketing Agency when I ask for them to quote?

General Reading Time: 2 minutes

When you choose a new Digital Marketing Agency it can seem very daunting. In the UK alone there are over 25,000 marketing companies, let alone freelancers.

Most agencies claim to be the best, award-winning and ALL ‘get results’ so how do you make the process simpler so that you make the right choice?

Answer: Create an Agency Selection Checklist

Firstly, start by doing a Google Search for Local Digital Marketing Companies. Using a local agency will usually help, as you’ll be able to pop in and get to know your delivery team face to face. Ultimately working with an agency should be a good experience and you should both be working towards a common goal of growing you business through the marketing the agency implements.

Most agencies will ask you to provide a detailed brief. In your brief try to include as many details about your business, your expectations, your budgets and your goals.

Then, once your shortlisted agencies respond, invite them to your offices (or their office) for a discovery interview.

Prepare your checklist of questions to ask…

When you meet your agency shortlist for the first time answer the same questions to each one so that you can evaluate the answers and rate each agency.

Here are some questions that are good to ask:

1. Their credentials

  • What experience do they have of your market sector?
  • What feedback do you have from existing / previous clients?
  • What track record of success do they have?

2. Creative output

  • Do they produce multi-award winning or well known campaigns?
  • How do they create cost effective and profitable campaigns?

3. Their staff

  • What is the experience of the staff who will work on your business?
  • How long have they worked together as a team?
  • Do they have specialisms in a particular area of marketing?

4. The agency itself

  • Is the location practical?
  • Does it have the right mix of resources?
  • Do its skills / specialists match your needs?
  • What is done in-house? What is outsourced?
  • How does it measure that your objectives are being achieved?
  • Does its hourly rate / fee structure match your expectations?
  • How do you measure campaign success?

Once you’ve had your initial agency meetings you should be in a much clearer position to make an informed choice on which agency you wish to choose for your digital marketing project.

When we pitch in meetings we’re always proud that we:

  • Have a great reputation with case studies that back up our work
  • Created our agency organically over the past 13 years
  • Give honest advice, every time.
  • Have Specialists in each area of marketing
  • Don’t outsource any marketing to third parties
  • Offer the very best customer support and service
  • Live by our core values.

If you would like any advice on choosing the right agency for your marketing project do let us know by getting in touch with a member of our team.

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